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I mentioned before that I love production bibles and gushed about how much fun I had looking through the original Transformers production bible in particular. Well, I have discovered that I love another source of supplemental character information perhaps even more-- on-package toy bios. In fact, let's just say supplemental bios in general and be done with it, because I found an archive of many of the character bios through the years and I am having a blast going through them. But I do think the toy bios stand out especially, if only because the brand has always ultimately been about the toys and so what information makes it onto the packaging is, to me, of special interest. That said, the "Universe" bios, which are essentially expanded versions of the bios published with the comics, really bring it together.

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Man, I was just sitting here and minding my own business when I found myself overwhelmed by the difference in how I ship InoSaku vs how I ship Hermione/Luna. Which doesn't seem, on the surface, like something to be much overwhelmed by. These are very different ships between very different characters who inhabit very different settings, after all. But then it strikes me that they're my top two adversarial f/f ships and the fact that I want and get such very different things out of them quite suddenly fascinates me.

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