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So, later this month, I'll be going to my first ever con; specifically, TFcon Chicago. I'm very excited about it, especially about getting to meet a lot of the artists on IDW's runs of comics. What particularly caught my eye as far as the guest list was that all three primary line artists on the current ongoings will be in attendance-- never mind that I don't follow all of the ongoings and am about to be following none of them. It happens that the only physical floppy of the current crop I own is the Holiday Special, which includes a short story from each of the three titles and the thought of getting autographs from the three artists just delighted me in a way I can't really wrap words around. Hence, more than anything else, that's what I've been looking forward to-- three stories, three autographs from three artists. I'd have to dig the issue out, of course, but it would absolutely be worth it.

Except, uh. Showing off the issue to someone, something occurred to me that really ought to have occurred to me already. If nothing else, it should perhaps have occurred to me when I set eyes on the interior art instead of some time after as I sat and blathered on about, "Oh, yeah, the art here is really cute and expressive, but some of it looks so weird compared to  the main--" Yeah. Great art. Very fun. But not quite the look I'm used to. Not quite, in fact, the looks I'm used to. Because not a single one of the three stories in the issue is drawn by any title's primary line artist.

At least I realized before I went through the trouble of unearthing the floppy XD


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