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Do you ever get really wrapped up in wondering about something that ultimately doesn't matter much and that you can't really do anything about anyway? I've been stressing on and off about an anon ask I got on Tumblr yesterday and. Like, it's not rude or creepy or anything like that. It's really not that big of a deal, y'know? But I'm so effing curious, y'know?? It's in regards to the latest issue of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye-- or, more specifically, in regards to one or some of the live-blog posts I made about it. Or so I suppose, anyway, or else this is even more befuddling.

The ask reads as follows: "Wow. Prowl is one huge asshole and not in a good way."

Yes, that's it, in full. The anon is not incorrect, if you were wondering. But, I just. Who? The tone of the ask suggests to me that whoever it is is taken aback by the jerkitude Prowl displays in panels I used for my live-blogging. I can't imagine anyone who would've been in the tags or who follows me and is a fan of the series would be unaware of the kind of person Prowl is*. Ergo, my foremost thought is that this is someone who follows me but is not familiar with the series. Which, okay. But, I just. Why? Why send an ask instead of replying to one of my posts? As far as I know, I don't have any non-Transformers followers who are too new to do so. Why send an ask about this over anything else I've posted about in my live-blog posts? I've live-blogged every new issue for months and while Prowl hasn't been around in that time, to my recollection, a) he's hardly the first jerk who's come up and b) this isn't the first time he's appeared, in all his tarnished glory, on my blog. Why send an anon ask? This isn't a controversial opinion by any means; even if they're unaware of that, assuming they are unfamiliar with the series and fandom, I made no secret in my posts of what I thought of his behavior.

I just. Yeah. Like I said, not a big deal by any means. But still I have so many questions...

*Prowl is actually written really oddly in this issue-- I would not be surprised if next issue reveals he's drunk, aside from I can't imagine him drunk-- but not in the sense that he's any more of a jerk than usual. Just in the sense he's a jerk differently than usual.
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I feel like I haven't posted in a long time, but maybe that's just a testament to how long I can go before craving the sound of my own voice (figuratively speak, obviously). As is my usual, I have nothing particular or interesting to say, so I'll just present some miscellany for consideration.

First of all, because I don't think I've mentioned it before, I am now down to three cats. Surrey went missing on the fourth or fifth of July (we can't quite agree when she was last seen). On the bright side, she's chipped, so in the event that she makes her way to a shelter, we'll get a call. In the meantime, I just hope she's safe and happy wherever she is.

That said and out of the way, I have decided that the bulk of this post will be dedicated to me whining about work. I hate it. And, I mean, usually when I say I hate something, I'm being overly dramatic. I'm certainly overreacting. But, no. I Hate. Working. At Walmart. I legitimately dreamed of burning my store down and salting the earth, and I was legitimately disappointed to wake up.

Like, okay, I've actually been getting pretty decent hours as of late and the trend looks to be continuing over the next couple weeks. Yay for that. Does this increase in time show in the state of my department at the end of the day? Not typically, no, because I'm not spending that time on the floor. Many days, I spend a third or even half of my shift working the front end. Why? Because we're down a good number of our cashiers lately and the cashiers we do have get shafted on hours. It's cheaper to pull register-trained people off the floor than it is to hire more cashiers and schedule them reasonably.

As if that wasn't enough, two people in apparel have been fired within the last week or so. That means the apparel schedule is going to show us as having two more people than we do for about the next three weeks. The reason for the firings I've heard third-hand is attendance issues, and if that's true, I am so pissed off that my teeth ache. One of the women fired was a new hire, only around for about two weeks; the other was a good worker who made a mistake with her schedule and ended up a no-call, no-show for one day. And someone decided they were both better off fired than just scolded? Just as we're getting into the back-to-school rush? For the love of criminy, this weekend is Tennessee's tax holiday! Most of the apparel departments are going to be strewn across the freaking floor, and we're down by two people? Our zone manager insisted that we're properly manned for the weekend, but I know for a fact that three of us remaining aren't there today, so I don't have high hopes for the next two days.

Speaking of the next two days-- through gritted teeth, rest assured-- if I don't kill anyone, I think I should get a parade. A full-on parade, with balloons and floats and candy and musical acts of my choice. I've been scheduled a four to midnight shift for both days, and I have no doubt that I'll be spending much of those shifts running a register. I hung around until midnight last night so I could pick up some things while they lasted-- and, man, was it ever crowded with people trying to avoid the crowds. I heard about half of the night shift paged up to open registers, and that was just for the people willing to be at Walmart at midnight for back-to-school shopping. And on top of the tax holiday, it's the beginning of the month, so people on food benefits will be coming out to get their grocery shopping done. Even just thinking of how crowded it's gonna be, and how hot and stuffy, and what a mess... Yeah, I want a parade. Thankfully, I'm off on Monday, so my intention is to clock out, come home and sleep until Tuesday.

So, uh. I ended up being a lot more negative than I originally intended when deciding to make a post. To finish off on a high notes, my collection of office supplies that I don't actually need has been padded out the wazoo \o/
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Because I know that you've all missed seeing me ramble about random, unimportant stuff. Sorry to have deprived you for so long.

Point the First: Man, the weirdos we get at Walmart. I don't talk about them too much since I could technically be counted among their number, but. You guys. This dude I saw yesterday, omg. I didn't even see him before I smelled him. That isn't too terribly unusual on its own-- half the time it's like The Attack of the Heavily-Perfumed People at work; I never even laid eyes on whoever had me gagging a few nights ago. This guy, though? Smelled like weed. A lot of weed. That isn't too terribly unusual on its own either. And he had the general look of someone who comes into Walmart smelling like weed-- bloodshot eyes, vacant grin, a weave to his walk and the more I think about it, the less sure I am that he nodded in greeting as he passed, because he kinda looked like he might just lay down for a nap at any minute. But what really stood out about this guy was his t-shirt. His D.A.R.E. t-shirt. Yes. You may be proud to know that I kept a straight face.

Point the Second: I need to get, like, a personal trainer for writing. I have ideas, I even have motivation, but somehow I just never get anything done. Every time I sit to work on something, I get this vague itchy feeling down the back of my neck and across my shoulder blades and suddenly it's more important to check my email for the fifth time in three minutes just in case. Meanwhile, the ideas form and reform in my head, making the process feel like more and more work as I become filled with the misleading sense that I did this part already. Ugh, why can't the words just appear on the page??

Point the Third: To end an elated note, YAY, HAWKS! I'm still feeling the disappointment from not being able to properly celebrate in Chicago. They had to shut down streets from all the partying going on. Not that I probably would have taken part-- as a short person, I'm pretty wary of large, tight crowds-- but I still would have been surrounded on all sides by people who, y'know, give a second snot. Also, fireworks! I love fireworks!


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