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You guys may not believe this but there is a major downside of being into a fandom for a general franchise where every last bit of fiction, including contradictory toy packaging bios, is considered equally canon and thus many fanfics/headcanon discussions tend to distill characters and situations into their most recognizable forms and then shape them to the writers' own preferences. Perhaps even especially because many people have self-admittedly not personally consumed the two most prominent official examples of the foundation universe these works/headcanons are set in.

"But, Al," I can hear you say, "that sounds so straightforward! Whatever can the matter be?"

The matter, my friends, is that for all that there are fine works to be found in this foggy ground of psuedocanon, basically none of them portray certain characters the way I prefer to see them in this setting. Honest, this sort of complaint is probably at least a little hypocritical. Certainly I've enjoyed works and nodded along with headcanons which relied on a sort of Frankenstein's monster of every official portrayal of a given character. If I stopped to think about it, I'm sure I'd find at least one of those fanon portrayals to be so popular as to overshadow characterization from one of those same official canon sources. But this is my whiny post about my preferences; so, nyeh.

One might expect that statement to be followed by an elaboration on my problem, or perhaps a charming anecdote. One would, in that case, be expecting more of my attention span and memory both than what either can give at this time.

"But, Al," I can hear you say, "can't you just save this as a draft and come back to it when you're more coherent, rather than to throw it half-formed into the void?"

I could. Yeah, I certainly could.
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Man, I picked the wrong month to drop the Practice Knitting square from my bingo card. I did it because I've taken more to crochet and I felt like I was pushing myself unnecessarily into another craft which I have less immediate interest in. I figured, y'know, may as well stick to crochet projects and maybe dip into knitting for the Do a Craft square, if I found something that caught my interest.

That was before I decided I wanted to do a Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. No, actually-- that was before I decided I wanted to do a reversible Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. If not for the desire to do it as reversible-- that is, in this case, to portray the usual colors on one side and the shiny colors on the other-- I would still be going ahead with doing it in crochet. But while it's possible to do something like that in crochet, it is both a royal pain and doesn't create quite near enough to a flipped image. Double knitting, on the other hand, is tedious and time-consuming but turns out a much cleaner and more aligned final product.

While I'm not going to be beginning this specific project anytime terribly soon-- it's gonna take a bunch of different colors I haven't got, to begin with-- I have pulled out a pair of my needles to work on my skills. I was just about to cheerfully mark the square on my card when I remembered that the square in question wasn't there. Ah, well.
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I've been going through my floppy comics today, partly from a desire to try again at putting them into order, partly to single out some issues to read and partly to set aside short runs to practice binding.

Custom binding, in this case sewing or gluing together several single issues to make your own collected edition, is something I've been interested in for some time. Budgeting such a project was one of my bingo card squares a few months ago, even. While there are a few titles that I'm looking to bind specifically into large hardcovers, I'd like to try my hand at a few smaller books first to get the hang of things. I had a few miniseries in mind when I went digging around and I've got them beside me now. Two are four-issue runs and one is a six-issue run. I'm intending to start with one of the former, as it looks like it'll be the easiest to get set up. The other two I think I may do some playing around with, if I do even decide to bind them after all.

The main drawback of a custom bind versus a commercially-released collection, at least for my money, is the presence of ads. In some books-- such as Power Girl, the mini I want to start with-- all the ads can be removed. There are a total of four two-sided ads in each issue and they're all connected to another ad rather than a page with story content. To do a bind without them, I just have to slide them out after I remove the stables from the issues to sew them together. Then there are books like the other two minis I'm looking to work on, which have no or almost no ads that can be removed even if I decide to perfect bind (that is, cut everything into individual pages and glue them at the spine rather than sewing) because most of them are single-side. Even that wouldn't be so bad if in some cases there weren't ads, occasionally mood whiplash ads, literally every other page. On the bright side, the two instances of four-page ads-- count 'em, four straight pages of ad-- are in the very middle of their respective issues and will be easy to remove. Still, though, yikes.

Probably I won't get started right away; there are still a few decisions to make about and things to get set up for later parts of the process. But since binding these minis aren't going to be super intensive projects, I think I'll probably be starting soon. Look forward to me possibly crying about mutilating my books and trying to figure out title pages and covers XD

Other fun things that came up as I was sorting my stuff:

* I have so many more DC than Marvel books. Like i knew it was unbalanced but not that much.
* Similarly, I have both a heck of a lot less non-Big Two stuff in general and a heck of a lot more IDW stuff specifically than I thought.
* One series I thought I had a full run of? Yeah, I don't. See below edit!
* Another series I know I have a full run of? Yeah, I don't know where it is. See below edit!
* There was so much misordering of my Justice League books due largely to the title changes I complained about before, omg.

ETA: So, not actually very long after making this post, I had a thought and went back to my boxes. This time, I checked a box that I'd left alone because I could've sworn that it was full of just two runs of comics. In short, I was wrong! Quite wrong. Not only did I find the missing full run mentioned in the fourth point, I found two full runs of the series mentioned in the third point. I'm not sure how or why I ended up with so many excess issues of that one, but whatever!
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Just a few little "how's life" tidbits that I wanna toss out there but don't need their own posts:

1.) I've gone and made myself into the unofficial "person who folds the t-shirts" as regards the promo PDQs that we've been getting in over in the toy section. Why? Because I walk past the toy section all the time on my way to the backrooms and seeing those shirts go days upon days without being folded drives me out of my mind. Management keeps thanking me for taking the time and praising my initiative-- and on the outside, I go along with it. On the inside? I'm sitting at a table with a broken leg, gaunt under a bare bulb, staring a thousand yards and gravely intoning, "It's not for you."

2.) Speaking of walking by the toy section: I stopped and gasped in horror as I went by a Rescue Bots toy display. For real gasped in horror-- high-pitched, came complete with a jerk to the side while clutching my chest, only thing missing was the scare cord. Why? Because, at a glance, it looked like there was a play figure set which came with only three-fourths of the main cast of bots and the missing bot is my favorite sometimes. I then realized, at a second glance, that the bot in question is part of the set, just placed differently than the other three. I blinked, said a fairly flat, "oh," and went on my way as if nothing had happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple looking at me oddly. I can only hope they had fun speculating about what the matter was.

3.) Last week I got one of those air fryer baskets, which let you air fry in your oven. I've only used it twice and I'm sure it's too early to say I'm in love but, you guys? I'm in love. I never realized how much I tasted the oil of fried foods until I wasn't tasting the oil anymore. The food tastes so clean while still feeling fried. It's amazing, highly recommended.

4.) On the flipside of the not realizing how much I was tasting a thing until I wasn't experience is cottage cheese. I never thought of cottage cheese as a particularly salty food and I've cut way back on salt in recent years anyway. But I just tasted cottage cheese with no salt added for the first time and it tastes like unhappiness. Even eating it with preserves couldn't save it (or preserve it, if you prefer).

5.) I've finished the base of my Togepi plush's shell-- though I've spotted a mistake in the design now-- and am ready to move on to embroidering the shapes on. But I'm being held back because I want to take process photos, I specifically want at least one photo of the pre-embroidered shell and I can't for the life of me get any good photos with my phone.
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So, something happened the other day that made me smile a lot at the time but now gives me mixed feelings.

I found a really cute fanart that was based on a fic of mine. Someone being inspired to draw based on something I'd written naturally took me to the moon and back and I'm honestly smiling a little as I think of it. The thing is that when I say I found it, I mean that I found it. I was scrolling through the fandom tag on Tumblr, thought at first that someone had just had a similar idea (since part of the scene they were inspired by was in turn based on a gag from another show) and only then noticed the link back to my fic. The artist didn't say anything to me about it until after I reblogged to gush, even though I'm preeetty sure the comment I got on that fic recently was from them. And then also when I looked at the notes, I noticed it got likes and reblogs from people who I know follow my fandom blog, where I've also posted that fic, and none of them said anything to me either...

And, I mean. I'm still stoked, like I said, but a link to the art would've been cool, y'know? It was already a few pages back and I was in the tags on a whim anyway. I could easily have never found it.
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A couple months ago, it was announced that IDW's acclaimed Jem and the Holograms ongoing (as well as their Misfits spinoff miniseries) would be coming to an end with its twenty-sixth issue in April, but that there would soon be a continuation that would "change everything" about the Jem comics. Pretty standard comic book claims, but they hold more weight from a publisher like IDW about a title like Jem than, say, from Marvel about Spider-Man. This news was met with mixed reactions and much speculation. The top theory was that the Jem characters were going to be folded fully into IDW's shared Hasbro universe, introduced with their Revolution event from last year and presenting most of their Hasbro properties as existing in the same continuity. Though IDW officials have said that Jem was included in this new continuity status quo and there have been Easter eggs to corroborate this, it was left out of the crossover event and has largely stayed in its own lane due to an inconsistency of tone between it and the other books.

The speculation was put to rest by an announcement at ECCC. The next step for the Jem books won't be integration with the larger Hasbro universe but their very own special event "crossover"* called Infinite. The event will run through two biweekly-published, three-issue miniseries, Jem and the Holograms: Infinite and Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite. The story will feature the Holograms and Misfits visiting another dimension and writer Kelly Thompson promises " [...] sci-fi shenanigans, reunions, betrayals, death, destruction, saving the world, and also, of course, music" per her interview with the AV Club.

My feelings about this are... mixed. Heck, my feelings about Jem not being integrated into the Hasbro universe are mixed and have been since the shared universe was announced. I'm not a fan of there being a shared universe in the first place, all told. I deal with shared universes for Marvel and DC because I knew what I was getting into with them-- and even then, their shared universes are largely why I no longer actively follow their books-- but one of the things I enjoyed about the IDW titles I followed was that they stood alone in their corners. On the other hand, so long as this shared universe is a thing, Jem has elements to bring to the table. That the crossover which beget the shared universe thus brings together only IDW's "boys' toys" licenses has rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning even though I'd rather it simply not exist.

Still, I've more or less gotten used to the idea that the shared universe exists and even more or less accepted that the things I really didn't want to happen (namely characters becoming main cast members in other franchises' books) have happened and will continue to happen. Sometimes I don't like things and the world keeps spinning. That's life. So, when the popular thought, which I agreed with, was that Jem was finally getting a seat at the table, my main concern was the aforementioned tone inconsistency. Jem's tone is a big part of what I like about it. There have been times I felt it was a little too light for the plot lines it presented, but I was still drawn to that light. The idea that Jem's tone might get an overhaul to suit the shared universe I already disliked curled my lip, even though part of me was happy to grit my teeth and bear it for the sake of the potential character interactions and sci-fi action shenanigans. I even had some hope that maybe the characters would interact with situations presented by the other books while still doing their own thing and maintaining their own tone. Over in the Transformers corner, after all, MtMtE and RiD each had their own distinctive tone for years while running side-by-side, referencing each other and eventually crossing over. It can work.

Finding out that Jem is getting what looks to be an overhaul in tone while apparently not opening the door for interactions with familiar faces ran me off the road, I admit. On the face of it, I like all of the things Kelly promises are to come from this new direction for Jem. I'm not totally onboard all of them rubbing elbows with Jem, despite my trust in Kelly as a writer. On the face of it, I'm glad Jem isn't being dragged into the spotlight in a shared universe I don't like. But excluding Jem even though they're willing to go harder with the title rubs me ever more wrong. And not getting to see characters I like from different franchises meet even though there are already characters I don't care about in books I care about and characters I care about in books I don't care about is ever more disappointing.

Granted, this event doesn't necessarily mean we're not getting the expected full inclusion ever. We don't know a lot about it or what comes after yet, and the other Hasbro books do include alternate dimensions and everything else coming for Jem, so there may yet be some crossover. It's been suggested that part of the reason for the main title's cancellation is lack of sales, too, and while I'd have expected that to be more reason to include the better sellers in the event, this could be an experiment to see if the new take on Jem can stay afloat before pushing it into the deep end of the pool. I can nod my acknowledgement to that logic. And here I am again, dancing around the shared universe I've complained about since hearing of it.

Whatever way the cookie crumbles, I am excited to see what's in store. Cautiously excited, but excited nonetheless. If the door is being closed on the Jem title, I'm glad that they seem to be doing it on their terms and then crawling out an open window. And if they crawl right into the end of IDW's Jem output altogether, I'm pleased that they look to be going out with a bang.

*It seems weird to me to call it a crossover when the titles being crossed over are Jem and Misfits, the latter of which is a miniseries which spun off of Jem to begin with and whose characters still heavily feature there.  I suppose "crossover" could be referring to the fact that the event is being told across two miniseries, but still. And come to think of it, telling the event across two miniseries when the ongoing was cancelled due to low sales is weird too... I need to stop before I start rambling.
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So, I may have shot myself in the foot with Femslash February.

I mentioned before in my bingo posts that I decided not to do something every day this year, as I have the past... three, I think? I'm going with three. Though I'm pretty sure it was only the last two that I wrote a new fic every day... Anyway. What I did decide to do this year is write and post something specifically for the event every week.

Now, I had no particular plan beyond that. After posting my first weekly fic and beyond, I had no idea. On the day I was meant to post the second fic, I had no idea. Would I post a different ship each week, all in different fandoms? A different ship each week but all from the same fandom? Or maybe just the same universe? Would I do something entirely new each time or do a mix of new stuff and stuff from my WIPs? No idea. So, on the day itself, I set myself to work on some femslash WIPs and also considered some ideas for a new fic. What I ended up doing is possibly the one thing I was certain that I wasn't going to do: I wrote a new fic for the same ship I'd written and posted the week before.

The thing about me is, I get caught up in patterns. And lack thereof. Either things have to be in order or there has to be a precedent for chaos (what an acceptable precedent is exactly depends on the circumstances surrounding it). Last year for Femslash February, I ended up writing a few fics I hadn't intended or even especially wanted to-- not that I regret what I came up with, mind-- because I couldn't, couldn't stand the thought of having repeats of just one fandom or just one character. During Naruto Yuri Week a couple-few years ago, I had a personal hissy fit when connectivity issues delayed me just long enough that my posting skipped a single day. I still can't stand to see all the fics lined up on my Tumblr because of the date mark.  I've been nauseated by the possibility of having the same thing happen again-- and, I'll admit it, sometimes I post "place-holders" when I'm having trouble so that the date is still correct whenever I can post properly. The bad feelings don't typically linger longer than a day-- recurrences aside-- and don't send me spiraling into any especially destructive behaviors, but they're intense while they last and I feel them all over me. So setting myself up like this? Not a great move on my part.

Granted, on the surface, it's not that hard of a hit. The second week was always going to lock me into a decision. Different fandom? That was gonna be my pattern. Different ship in the same fandom or universe? That was gonna be my pattern. By itself, settling into a "same ship each week" pattern isn't that big of a deal. And, heck, I still have some leeway. I can't do two different ships or fandoms for the next two weeks, but I have the option of doing a different ship and/or fandom for both of those two weeks than for the last two.

My problem comes with the ship itself. Anode/Lug-- or Anolug-- from IDW's Transformers title Lost Light. The characters were only introduced two issues ago but I love them both and I'm sailing into the sunset on this ship. There are a few reasons why I jumped so eagerly aboard, but my course is definitely informed at this point by spite. There's a theory going around, a distressingly plausible theory, that one of the characters doesn't actually exist. People have pointed out that no one but her partner ever addresses her directly and the one time her partner addresses her directly in front of someone, that someone responds as though she spoke to him; plot movement-wise, every scene she's in works perfectly well without her. The next issue looks like it might be set to confirm one way or the other.

This is where my feelings and my thoughts get snarled. As I said, this is a ship I'm very fond of. There's a big part of me that wants to write them for as long as canon's good for it. But while I'm writing every day, I've set myself into the pattern this month of only posting finished fics on my main accounts for Femslash February. If I'm going to write and post for it before canon shoots a canonball through it, therefore, it's going to be for Femslash February. Thus, again, one fic per week. The new issue of the comic is due to come out on the twenty-second of this month, the day after I'd post the third fic. And there's no indication of the delays that habitually plague this title because of freaking course there freaking isn't.

Still, on the surface, not that much of a problem. It'd hardly be the first non-canon ship I've sailed well beyond its compatibility with canon. See also: Most of my Naruto and Harry Potter ships, for starters. Except. Notice how I said I'm sailing this ship into the sunset, not that I'll go down with it? That's because I'm not sure I will-- can-- go down with it. If the Not Real theory is correct, how it's handled (is she a grief-projected play of Dead All Along? Is she a purely imaginary friend?) might very well send me hurtling overboard. Some ships, canon can legitimately ruin for me and no amount of Canon Discontinuity will fix them in my mind. It doesn't happen often, in the grand scheme of things, and even I'm not one hundred percent sure of what elements hit those buttons in my brain. But I can feel the fingers of canon hovering over those buttons in this case. Which means that if I post a third Anolug fic for the third week of FemFeb and then the new issue sinks the ship, I'm left floundering for the next week.

Of course, I can still commit myself to a different ship for the next two weeks instead. But if the new issue doesn't ruin my ship, I'm likely going to feel the disappointment of changing ships without strict need very keenly. On top of that, I'm just not feeling any other ship right now in a "produce content for two consecutive weeks" way. And then topping it off, I do already have an idea for another Anolug fic that I'm actually looking forward to writing... Time will tell, I suppose.
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Man, I was just sitting here and minding my own business when I found myself overwhelmed by the difference in how I ship InoSaku vs how I ship Hermione/Luna. Which doesn't seem, on the surface, like something to be much overwhelmed by. These are very different ships between very different characters who inhabit very different settings, after all. But then it strikes me that they're my top two adversarial f/f ships and the fact that I want and get such very different things out of them quite suddenly fascinates me.

This got longer than it should by rights be )
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- A forgotten stack of comics was under a thought-empty box of Turtles that was not empty. The Turtles were fine. The comics were covered in ants.

- My missing Shake Weight was found under a stack of cookie packages. The cookies were fine. The Shake Weight was covered in ants.

- I pulled a book out from half under the mat where my cat's dishes sit. The dishes were fine. The book was covered in ants.

- Rather snappier than necessary, I directed my mom to use my new doorbell instead of just poking in through the half-open door. Rather harder than necessary, she laughed.

- Happily, my TCC Lio Convoy was found exactly where I thought I'd left it. Only it wasn't my TCC Lio Convoy, it was my TCC Jumpstream. I've yet to locate Lio Convoy.

- Without getting too much into it, I'm back to sleeping on the floor on a pile of pillows and blankets. This is preferable to the alternative.
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Do you ever get really wrapped up in wondering about something that ultimately doesn't matter much and that you can't really do anything about anyway? I've been stressing on and off about an anon ask I got on Tumblr yesterday and. Like, it's not rude or creepy or anything like that. It's really not that big of a deal, y'know? But I'm so effing curious, y'know?? It's in regards to the latest issue of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye-- or, more specifically, in regards to one or some of the live-blog posts I made about it. Or so I suppose, anyway, or else this is even more befuddling.

The ask reads as follows: "Wow. Prowl is one huge asshole and not in a good way."

Yes, that's it, in full. The anon is not incorrect, if you were wondering. But, I just. Who? The tone of the ask suggests to me that whoever it is is taken aback by the jerkitude Prowl displays in panels I used for my live-blogging. I can't imagine anyone who would've been in the tags or who follows me and is a fan of the series would be unaware of the kind of person Prowl is*. Ergo, my foremost thought is that this is someone who follows me but is not familiar with the series. Which, okay. But, I just. Why? Why send an ask instead of replying to one of my posts? As far as I know, I don't have any non-Transformers followers who are too new to do so. Why send an ask about this over anything else I've posted about in my live-blog posts? I've live-blogged every new issue for months and while Prowl hasn't been around in that time, to my recollection, a) he's hardly the first jerk who's come up and b) this isn't the first time he's appeared, in all his tarnished glory, on my blog. Why send an anon ask? This isn't a controversial opinion by any means; even if they're unaware of that, assuming they are unfamiliar with the series and fandom, I made no secret in my posts of what I thought of his behavior.

I just. Yeah. Like I said, not a big deal by any means. But still I have so many questions...

*Prowl is actually written really oddly in this issue-- I would not be surprised if next issue reveals he's drunk, aside from I can't imagine him drunk-- but not in the sense that he's any more of a jerk than usual. Just in the sense he's a jerk differently than usual.
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So, I've been working on my bingo card and the progress I've made is... somewhat difficult to measure, tbh....


Remember how I said there was no particular line I was going for? Yeaaah. Like. I'm kinda irritated, but in a really amused kind of way, y'know? I mean, look at this mess XD On the flip side of the coin, I'm really pleased with everything I've done so far. So pleased, in fact, that I'm going to bore you all with details :D Taking this from the top and working from left to right:

Make Earrings (San, if you're reading this, don't click this link) )

Find Xena S5 )

Write Gen )

Write Something Original )

Read a Book )

Pixel Crochet: I already talked about this one here, so I won't repeat myself. As I've said so many times, I hate to repeat myself.

Crosspost Fics )

Try a New Recipe )

So, yeah, that's the downlow on all my marked squares so far. I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of the card takes me :)
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 Uuugh, I wanna try to do NaNoWriMo this year but I dropped the ball on actually, y'know, deciding on what I want to write. Now, it's the second and I have nothing at all to show. I have ideas, but few of them are developed at all-- and, naturally, those are the ideas I'm most caught up on. I suppose I really should sit down with the massive original verse I've been casually developing for over a decade, but it's so tangled up in my mind that I don't know where to start (and, honestly, the prospect of putting it all into words at this point is sort of intimidating...). My top possibilities as of right now:

a) Lesbian vampire turf war story (I wrote a small portion last year, but so little I can probably discard that and start over)
b) Lesbian superhero story (I haven't figured out who the Big Bad is or what they're up to)
c) Supernatural lady detective story (almost certainly unable to carry fifty thousand words)
d) Fanfiction (this is honestly a throw-away, I have no ideas whatsoever right now for a longfic)
e) Yes, fine, something with my main original verse (would probably be disjointed fleshing out rather than a proper story)

I guess if I don't have anything started by the fifth, I'll just drop it. I was really hoping to do it this year, though, in that back-of-the-mind kind of way that only hits you when the cards are already down.
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It's hard to tell by the measley three items that have been marked, but this has been working for me! My main problem has come from the fact that I saw both my Harry Potter scarf items in the same diagonal line and my brain immediately went, "That one. That's going to be my bingo."

Now, this isn't an entirely bad thing. I've made more progress on the scarves in question than I have since... *cough* Well, never mind that. The point is that I've made progress and I'm proud of it. On the other hand, making said progress by no means means that either scarf is even approaching completion. Sooo, if my brain is holding out for that line, we may be here for some time. Not that I think my fixation on that diagonal will necessarily impede my completing other items, but I can see myself edging around a bingo until I can get the one I want. Granted, this isn't a problem with the idea so much as my own problem with this specific card, lol.

The only other issue I've run into is also down to a personal hangup. See, while the card is pretty deliberately vague, I do have some insight into some of the items. Since, y'know, I made the items up. Some of those "Write [Whatever]" spaces mean "come up with something and write it" and some mean "you have ideas, write at least one" and some can go either way. One in particular that can go either way is that "Write ThinkFast" square up there, but I was leaning more towards "you have ideas, write at least one." Unfortunately, since generating the card, all of the ideas in question have been supressed by an idea relating to a specific event that hasn't happened yet (and may not happen at all, but never mind that) and I can't seem to get a move on the idea before it does happen (or doesn't, as the case may be). It's not quite as egrarious an issue, since that one problem item isn't poised to halt my quest for a bingo, but it's still got me shaking my head.

So, yeah, I can honestly recommend this method! I'm thinking of making a workout card next :D
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So, I decided to take a cue from [personal profile] kalliel and put together an end-of-year list of goals. After compiling a rough of said list and finding it lacking as well as vague, I decided to spice it up by making it a Bingo card. Not that it's any less vague-- or even any less lacking, honestly-- but it is at least more interesting to look at. I'm hoping it will appeal to my almost non-existent competitive streak and my more substantial sense of fun, thus increasing the odds of me actually marking items off. We'll see!

For posterity and the curious )
Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that I didn't link to the card generator I used. It can be found here. If there's a way to save, I don't see it, so I just took a screengrab and cropped it in Paint.
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One time I had this dream that there were these little Borrower-type troll creatures living in my walls and I saved their ruler from certain death (exactly how escapes me) and so they declared me their hero and basically went about worshiping me. Rubbing my feet, fanning me, braiding my hair, all that good stuff– but the piece de la resistance was dedicating a sculpture to me. It was in my likeness and made of stuff they found in my room (actually stuff they had pilfered from my room but I let it slide because of the whole worship thing).

Anyway, the point is that they unveiled the sculpture and it turned out they’d fashioned the boobs by stuffing one of my bras with several pairs of panties and I said, “Oh, hey, it’s a chest of drawers,” and I woke up laughing.


Jun. 27th, 2015 10:48 pm
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I've got a mid-morning shift at work tomorrow and then I'll be off for a straight nine days! I would have liked it if I could have had a nice, round ten, but you can't have everything, I suppose. And, honestly, nine is plenty. I'm going to forget all about Walmart as much as is possible during those nine days, I assure you. Though I would sort of like to shop in one just to see if anyone asks if I work there... Wouldn't be the first time, but this is an out of state trip, so I'll admit some curiosity!
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Some guy tried to carjack someone in our parking lot last night at gunpoint. I don't know the specifics of what happened next, since I was on my lunch break when most of this happened, but the guy ended up inside the store somehow, waving the gun around and threatening people. He retreated back outside at some point and tried to hide in the bed of someone's pick-up truck, but was quickly surrounded by police and arrested. No one was hurt, but people were pretty freaked out and I must admit it gave me chills hearing about it.
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 I'm actually sort of disappointed that I don't work on the first. Saying, "I haven't seen you since last year!" isn't as funny on the second.
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 So, this is it. The day has come. I am now, according to the official numbers, closer to thirty years old than twenty.

Odd how it feels so much the same and yet also so... weird.
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Ahh, it's good to have the internet back. In addition to catching up with various bits of anime news and hunting around for various comics, I've looked up several recipes and checked a bus schedule that I probably won't make use of anyway. Life is pretty decent today.

The past few weeks without internet haven't been too terrible either, lack of internet aside. I went to McKay's recently and picked up some new comics-- none of the comics that I actually went there hoping to find, mind you, but I was and remain happy with the purchase. In addition to comics, I also managed to snag the first season of Xena for less than four bucks. I've been making my youngest siblings watch it with me, as neither have seen it before and my brother hadn't. Even. Heard of it. I have failed him, I know.

Got my vacation hours at work scheduled, though I had to pretty much pick a random week since everyone else managed to schedule ahead of me. I ended up having a lot more time to work with than I thought, so that was cool. And, I mean, hey-- whole week of getting paid to not go to work? I'm not about to complain regardless.

Unpacking has been... slow. Very, very slow. I've just really not felt up to it, and I admit that a lot of my packing was haphazard at best to begin with. I've got my book case set up, at least, and I'm trying to decide which books I want to squeeze onto it and which books are gonna have to stay in boxes to await the purchase of another book case. Setup has been a bit of a headache, too. Why can't all books just be the same size, so that they look orderly and neat regardless of where they're placed on the shelves?

So, hey, tell me about what you're into.


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