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After hemming and hawing about making banana nut muffins for the last I've-lost-track-of-how-long, I finally have a batch in the oven! This also marks my first use of the mini-loaf pan that I bought nearly a month ago, which is really not as exciting as it feels like it is, I'm sure.

Honestly, the muffins and the Christening of the pan are a sort of mood boost that I'm in need of. I went through a bit of trouble to make sure I had yesterday off work in order to attend a concert, but circumstances prevented me from going after all. Ah, well, it probably wouldn't have been that fun to go by myself anyway. Still, was looking forward to it... In other day-off-work news, I have my brother's birthday off but not my own and I really wish the premiere date of the new Sailor Moon anime would be released so I can try to get that day off.

Got long-winded again, whoops... )

So, hey, that's me today. What are you up to, flist?

UPDATE: Because I let myself get distracted, the muffins spent too much time in the oven. They're still tasty, but somewhat dry. Nice going, self, I feel so much better now.
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For no discernible reason, I was struck anew today by the fact that we're getting a new Sailor Moon anime this summer. I was somewhat bummed to take to the internet and find no substantial news about the series aside from that it's airing worldwide in the summer and that Momoiro Clover Z is doing the music. Seriously, that's all??

*melodramatic sigh*

So, flist, are you excited? Apprehensive? Both? Personally, I hope that it follows the manga in terms of story, characterization and powers, but takes cues from the first anime as far as attention paid to the cast. What hopes, if any, do you have for the series?


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