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- A forgotten stack of comics was under a thought-empty box of Turtles that was not empty. The Turtles were fine. The comics were covered in ants.

- My missing Shake Weight was found under a stack of cookie packages. The cookies were fine. The Shake Weight was covered in ants.

- I pulled a book out from half under the mat where my cat's dishes sit. The dishes were fine. The book was covered in ants.

- Rather snappier than necessary, I directed my mom to use my new doorbell instead of just poking in through the half-open door. Rather harder than necessary, she laughed.

- Happily, my TCC Lio Convoy was found exactly where I thought I'd left it. Only it wasn't my TCC Lio Convoy, it was my TCC Jumpstream. I've yet to locate Lio Convoy.

- Without getting too much into it, I'm back to sleeping on the floor on a pile of pillows and blankets. This is preferable to the alternative.
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I said I'd make a post about my earring-making and here it is!

San, if you're reading this, stop reading )
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So, I've been working on my bingo card and the progress I've made is... somewhat difficult to measure, tbh....


Remember how I said there was no particular line I was going for? Yeaaah. Like. I'm kinda irritated, but in a really amused kind of way, y'know? I mean, look at this mess XD On the flip side of the coin, I'm really pleased with everything I've done so far. So pleased, in fact, that I'm going to bore you all with details :D Taking this from the top and working from left to right:

Make Earrings (San, if you're reading this, don't click this link) )

Find Xena S5 )

Write Gen )

Write Something Original )

Read a Book )

Pixel Crochet: I already talked about this one here, so I won't repeat myself. As I've said so many times, I hate to repeat myself.

Crosspost Fics )

Try a New Recipe )

So, yeah, that's the downlow on all my marked squares so far. I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of the card takes me :)
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Finally getting around to my bingo card! I'm super hyped because, this time around, there's no particular line that stands out as The One I Want to Do. The whole card is fair ground. However, there are, naturally, some squares I'm more interested in than others, whether because they're quick and easy marks or because they're things that've been on my to-do list for a long time. The first square I'm working on is a little bit of both.

Pixel crochet is something that fell across my path on Tumblr and I went from passively thinking, "oh, that's cool," to aggressively assuring myself, "I'm going to crochet so many pixels," in very little time indeed. For all that I have several things I'd like to try, though, I didn't have any particular project in mind when I added "Do PIxel Crochet" as a square. Rather, it was more of a "learn how to do this thing" square. So, yesterday, I searched around for tutorials on different methods. I had an inkling of the idea that I wanted to learn all the methods so as to be better prepared for different patterns, but I ended up really taking a shine to the corner to corner method-- it's simple, quick and doesn't require sewing pieces together to form the final product like the granny square method I'd originally figured I'd be using does. Also, I've found that I don't much care for granny squares. No, it's not because they keep coming out more round than square when I do them, shut up. I haven't tried the bauble method yet, but that's because it looks like it uses a lot of yarn and I'd rather put that sort of frustration aside for later.

Anyway! Under the cut, you will find my first two attempts at corner to corner pixel crochet :D

Read more... )

So, all in all, this was fun! And for all that they're flawed pieces, I think I did pretty well considering I haven't done this kind of crochet before and I was working freestyle. I'll be trying them properly (that is, not grown for the corner) soon, preferably from a pattern.
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My mom and I saw it tonight and I just loved it. Anybody else who's seen it and is willing to squee with me?
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 Uuugh, I wanna try to do NaNoWriMo this year but I dropped the ball on actually, y'know, deciding on what I want to write. Now, it's the second and I have nothing at all to show. I have ideas, but few of them are developed at all-- and, naturally, those are the ideas I'm most caught up on. I suppose I really should sit down with the massive original verse I've been casually developing for over a decade, but it's so tangled up in my mind that I don't know where to start (and, honestly, the prospect of putting it all into words at this point is sort of intimidating...). My top possibilities as of right now:

a) Lesbian vampire turf war story (I wrote a small portion last year, but so little I can probably discard that and start over)
b) Lesbian superhero story (I haven't figured out who the Big Bad is or what they're up to)
c) Supernatural lady detective story (almost certainly unable to carry fifty thousand words)
d) Fanfiction (this is honestly a throw-away, I have no ideas whatsoever right now for a longfic)
e) Yes, fine, something with my main original verse (would probably be disjointed fleshing out rather than a proper story)

I guess if I don't have anything started by the fifth, I'll just drop it. I was really hoping to do it this year, though, in that back-of-the-mind kind of way that only hits you when the cards are already down.
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It's hard to tell by the measley three items that have been marked, but this has been working for me! My main problem has come from the fact that I saw both my Harry Potter scarf items in the same diagonal line and my brain immediately went, "That one. That's going to be my bingo."

Now, this isn't an entirely bad thing. I've made more progress on the scarves in question than I have since... *cough* Well, never mind that. The point is that I've made progress and I'm proud of it. On the other hand, making said progress by no means means that either scarf is even approaching completion. Sooo, if my brain is holding out for that line, we may be here for some time. Not that I think my fixation on that diagonal will necessarily impede my completing other items, but I can see myself edging around a bingo until I can get the one I want. Granted, this isn't a problem with the idea so much as my own problem with this specific card, lol.

The only other issue I've run into is also down to a personal hangup. See, while the card is pretty deliberately vague, I do have some insight into some of the items. Since, y'know, I made the items up. Some of those "Write [Whatever]" spaces mean "come up with something and write it" and some mean "you have ideas, write at least one" and some can go either way. One in particular that can go either way is that "Write ThinkFast" square up there, but I was leaning more towards "you have ideas, write at least one." Unfortunately, since generating the card, all of the ideas in question have been supressed by an idea relating to a specific event that hasn't happened yet (and may not happen at all, but never mind that) and I can't seem to get a move on the idea before it does happen (or doesn't, as the case may be). It's not quite as egrarious an issue, since that one problem item isn't poised to halt my quest for a bingo, but it's still got me shaking my head.

So, yeah, I can honestly recommend this method! I'm thinking of making a workout card next :D
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I was hesitant to post anything about this because I've been hesitant to talk about the Cubs and their chances at all for fear of jinxing them, but I simply have too many feelings. I mean, even if they don't win the Series, I'm so pleased to see them doing so well. I really think we have a chance. I mean, I remember what happened last time it seemed like we really had a chance, but. I really think we have a chance. Whichever direction this goes, though, I can guarantee you this much: There is going to be so much crying in baseball.

Also, I really, really hope we're going up against the Astros, because I'm mutuals with someone on Tumblr who's an Astros fan and has an icon of a character who's a Cubs fan, and that's just too good. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Edit: Well, I feel silly. I completely forgot about the best-of-seven we have to win before we can go on to the World. Lost the first vs Mets game last night, hope I haven't jinxed them... *frets*

Okay, so

Jul. 4th, 2015 12:57 pm
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I originally planned to update my other post from my phone throughout the day, but mobile was being a pain and then I kept losing service for some reason, so that didn't happen. I was later going to update that post with the full story, but I was too tired to bother and at this point I figure I might as well just make another post. I know how you guys love to see me cluttering up your friends page &heart;

The totally dramatic story is beneath the cut )
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Watch this space for details you probably don't care about!
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Things are going well so far! We haven't done a whole lot yet because my aunt and her family just arrived last night and we wanted to have stuff to do together, but things have been good. My siblings and I have done some walking around my grandma's neighborhood to refamiliarize ourselves with what's around and we've made a few stops at places we don't have at home. The comic shop in the area makes my local one look even tinier, daaang. I'd like to go somewhere by bus; I've never been comfortable using buses in Tennessee for some reason, but these are my bus lines, y'know? We'll be taking the bus (and the train, omg, I've missed the train) at some point during the trip anyway, though, so I may not bother on my own. I don't have anywhere specific I want to go anyway, haha.

Oh, also, Happy Canada Day to you Canadians!


Jun. 27th, 2015 10:48 pm
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I've got a mid-morning shift at work tomorrow and then I'll be off for a straight nine days! I would have liked it if I could have had a nice, round ten, but you can't have everything, I suppose. And, honestly, nine is plenty. I'm going to forget all about Walmart as much as is possible during those nine days, I assure you. Though I would sort of like to shop in one just to see if anyone asks if I work there... Wouldn't be the first time, but this is an out of state trip, so I'll admit some curiosity!
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Talk of pet death under the cut ) *I don't have any appropriate icons for this on Dreamwidth and I'm not in any mood to upload one, so please excuse the dissonance.
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I knew he was sick, but the news still hit me like a blow from a blind spot. How's everyone doing?
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Some guy tried to carjack someone in our parking lot last night at gunpoint. I don't know the specifics of what happened next, since I was on my lunch break when most of this happened, but the guy ended up inside the store somehow, waving the gun around and threatening people. He retreated back outside at some point and tried to hide in the bed of someone's pick-up truck, but was quickly surrounded by police and arrested. No one was hurt, but people were pretty freaked out and I must admit it gave me chills hearing about it.
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 I'm actually sort of disappointed that I don't work on the first. Saying, "I haven't seen you since last year!" isn't as funny on the second.
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 So, this is it. The day has come. I am now, according to the official numbers, closer to thirty years old than twenty.

Odd how it feels so much the same and yet also so... weird.
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 My grandfather died to day, after spending over two weeks in the hospital. I started to type up a big explanation of what was going on in that time, but then nixed it since I don't think anyone wants to read about all that and it was only making me angry. The short form is that we (my mother, my siblings and myself) found out he'd been hospitalized less than twenty-four hours after we (my mother, my two youngest siblings and myself) left from a weekend visit. The whole situation has felt very surreal largely for that reason, also because of the ups and downs he went through; he was, in fact, expected to be dead by the end of the first week. I thought I would be able to better wrap my head around things once the time had come, but... well, surprise, not the case. I don't suppose it'll feel real until the funeral.

On the bright side, he was unconscious for most of the experience, most likely unaware of any pain. I'm grateful that my last memories of him will be of the pleasant visit we all had just before this went down. I only wish my other brother and his family could have made the trip, too.

If anyone can spare the time, I could really use some positive recs. Pics, fics, vids, whatever your go-to for cheering up is. My usuals aren't doing it for me just now.
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I can honestly say I didn't expect to get as into Tumblr as I have. It's just so quick and simple, perfect for a lazybody like me. Still blows my mind and hurts my heart to realize how little attention I've spared for DW and LJ, though.

Anyway, my primary motivation in posting today is for yet another sad pet update. Our snake, Isis, died last week and today I said goodbye to two of my kitties-- Chuckles and Storm Cloud, specifically-- as I sent them on their way to a new home because our new place has a limit of two free-roaming pets. On the bright side, their new slave is a lady I work with and who I trust to look after them well.

For those keeping track, I'm down to just two cats. It is... indescribably empty-feeling without more animals around.
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Ahh, it's good to have the internet back. In addition to catching up with various bits of anime news and hunting around for various comics, I've looked up several recipes and checked a bus schedule that I probably won't make use of anyway. Life is pretty decent today.

The past few weeks without internet haven't been too terrible either, lack of internet aside. I went to McKay's recently and picked up some new comics-- none of the comics that I actually went there hoping to find, mind you, but I was and remain happy with the purchase. In addition to comics, I also managed to snag the first season of Xena for less than four bucks. I've been making my youngest siblings watch it with me, as neither have seen it before and my brother hadn't. Even. Heard of it. I have failed him, I know.

Got my vacation hours at work scheduled, though I had to pretty much pick a random week since everyone else managed to schedule ahead of me. I ended up having a lot more time to work with than I thought, so that was cool. And, I mean, hey-- whole week of getting paid to not go to work? I'm not about to complain regardless.

Unpacking has been... slow. Very, very slow. I've just really not felt up to it, and I admit that a lot of my packing was haphazard at best to begin with. I've got my book case set up, at least, and I'm trying to decide which books I want to squeeze onto it and which books are gonna have to stay in boxes to await the purchase of another book case. Setup has been a bit of a headache, too. Why can't all books just be the same size, so that they look orderly and neat regardless of where they're placed on the shelves?

So, hey, tell me about what you're into.


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