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I've been a bit giddy since last night. Pretty sure why makes me a bad person.

There are a bunch of us at work who've had twenty-five hours and under since the holiday season-- including several full-time workers-- while others-- mostly the brand-spanking-new part-time people-- had a full forty. Also, people have been getting told for weeks that there are no available shifts to pick up extra hours, in spite of several people being called in on days off. So, yeah. Lots of unhappiness at work lately.

To pile insult upon injury, everyone was required to shave off two (non-consecutive) hours from this and last week. Why? Because management wouldn't get their bonuses unless a certain number of hours were cut. Not dropping those hours was punishable by losing a whole day of work-- which, as mentioned, a lot of people couldn't afford to do. Oh, and did I mention that the new times weren't being entered into the system, making it look to the computer like people had just up and left early or come in late? Uh-huh. Brilliant, right? Anyway, due to the stupid hours people were already working, plus overall lack of proper communication and probably a good dose of petty spite, a bunch of those mandatory hours off were put on the back burner until the last minute.

My plan was to leave an hour early the last two days, going home at ten instead of eleven. Turns out that was a lot of other people's plan too. Like, a lot of other people. So many people, that there was almost no one working from ten until eleven on Thursday-- in some departments, for a longer stretch than that. The front end was practically dead from nine-thirty on. While I was on my way out, I heard several cashiers being paged up-- while those same cashiers snorted and kept walking, already off the clock.

As you migh imagine, people were displeased. The third shift manager threw a major tizzy fit. And this is a man known for fits the way two-year-olds are known for tantrums, so when a fit he throws registers as more than a, "oh, shut up" on anybody's radar, I'm inclined to think this was some fit. Must have been, because anyone who had already taken off an hour by Friday wasn't required to take off another after all. There's talk of not having to take any time off this week either.

Who could possibly have foreseen this venture going sour? (Hint: EVERYONE SAID IT WOULD HAPPEN)


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