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It's hard to tell by the measley three items that have been marked, but this has been working for me! My main problem has come from the fact that I saw both my Harry Potter scarf items in the same diagonal line and my brain immediately went, "That one. That's going to be my bingo."

Now, this isn't an entirely bad thing. I've made more progress on the scarves in question than I have since... *cough* Well, never mind that. The point is that I've made progress and I'm proud of it. On the other hand, making said progress by no means means that either scarf is even approaching completion. Sooo, if my brain is holding out for that line, we may be here for some time. Not that I think my fixation on that diagonal will necessarily impede my completing other items, but I can see myself edging around a bingo until I can get the one I want. Granted, this isn't a problem with the idea so much as my own problem with this specific card, lol.

The only other issue I've run into is also down to a personal hangup. See, while the card is pretty deliberately vague, I do have some insight into some of the items. Since, y'know, I made the items up. Some of those "Write [Whatever]" spaces mean "come up with something and write it" and some mean "you have ideas, write at least one" and some can go either way. One in particular that can go either way is that "Write ThinkFast" square up there, but I was leaning more towards "you have ideas, write at least one." Unfortunately, since generating the card, all of the ideas in question have been supressed by an idea relating to a specific event that hasn't happened yet (and may not happen at all, but never mind that) and I can't seem to get a move on the idea before it does happen (or doesn't, as the case may be). It's not quite as egrarious an issue, since that one problem item isn't poised to halt my quest for a bingo, but it's still got me shaking my head.

So, yeah, I can honestly recommend this method! I'm thinking of making a workout card next :D
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Watch this space for details you probably don't care about!


Jun. 27th, 2015 10:48 pm
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I've got a mid-morning shift at work tomorrow and then I'll be off for a straight nine days! I would have liked it if I could have had a nice, round ten, but you can't have everything, I suppose. And, honestly, nine is plenty. I'm going to forget all about Walmart as much as is possible during those nine days, I assure you. Though I would sort of like to shop in one just to see if anyone asks if I work there... Wouldn't be the first time, but this is an out of state trip, so I'll admit some curiosity!


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