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What with the venting I've done about my frustrations with the Transformers comics, I feel I need to take a moment to throw some love toward a branch of Transformers that's been a consistent pick-me-up: Rescue Bots. I mentioned in my bingo post from last month that I started watching it with my mom; well, we finished it the other night. I'm sad to see it ended, not least because it ends on an open note rich with possibilities, but it was a great ride.

I feel like maybe I should feel silly for how much I love it, given that it was aimed at preschool-aged kids, but I don't. I like to unwind with something fun sometimes, and being able to remind myself that it's for kids, even more so than your average Transformers cartoon, helps me to not worry to too much about what's going on. Not that there's much to worry about, honestly. For all that the show's admittedly silly plots run on cartoon science and hand-waving, it's got solid writing, tight continuity, likeable characters and engaging character development.

And, you guys-- there's a musical episode.

It's not perfect, I admit. There are some episodes and creative decisions that leave me scratching my head even keeping in mind that it's a show for small children and some that leave me scratching my head because it's a show for small children. It suffers the usual problem of lacking female characters that all Transformers media does. Some characters didn't get enough play, imnsho. It's reliance on recurring human villains grows somewhat tiresome as the show goes on, even though they're used sparingly. But as a whole, it's a fun, feel-good show that doesn't shy away from genuine emotion. Even the weakest episode have memorable high points and I don't think there were ever two weak episodes in a row.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I had someone to sit and watch with. I forgot how enjoyable that could be.

Anyway, yeah. I just needed to express these feelings ♥
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This is an established general fact, but the evidence currently on the table regards IDW Publishing's run of Transformers comics. What's so wrong with IDW's Transformers collections, asks absolutely no one? Well, I'll tell you.
A bit of context first: IDW has been putting out Transformers comics steadily since acquiring the license in 2004, starting off their run on the brand with a succession of miniseries and one-shot character-centric Spotlights set in a rebooted Gen One universe that took cues from Marvel's Ultimate universe, written and built primarily by Transformers veteran Simon Furman. These books sold, but weren't drawing the warm reception that the company hoped for. In 2008, they switched tracks. While still putting out miniseries and one-shots, they tugged the reigns from Furman's hands and passed them along to newcomer Shane McCarthy, who revamped IDW's main output with ongoing title All Hail Megatron. Telling a story somewhat more inspired by that of the original cartoon, it was intended as a jumping-on point for new fans, especially casual fans more familiar with the cartoon universe. It, uh. It didn't go over well. Reconfigured as a maxiseries, the title wrapped up in 2009 after sixteen issues. It was soon followed by yet another intended jumping-on point ongoing, this time titled simply The Transformers, helmed by another newcomer, Mike Costa. It... wasn't terribly well-received either, though it ran nearly twice as many issues as its predecessor. IDW took another chance on yet another jumping-on point and found the third time to be the charm. One-shot The Death of Optimus Prime set the stage for twin ongoings Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye, penned by John Barber and James Roberts respectively, both still running today-- though Robots in Disguise has been through a renaming and both titles are set to be renamed and renumbered in October-- and both critical and fan darlings.
Of these two, it's More than Meets the Eye that holds my heart. I was introduced to the series through [community profile] scans_daily  and finally checked it out proper thanks to Humble Bundle offering, as I recall, all then-current volumes and issues available-- in digital, natch. I've been following pretty faithfully since then, also in digital. More and more, however, I've been craving the series in hard copy. For all digital's advantages, I like to have something to hold sometimes when I'm reading. Having a physical copy also grants me the option of lending the title out to people I've been trying to get to read it. And, at a glance, I'm in luck! IDW is pretty quick to collect their titles in trade, and in a small variety of options even. So, again no one asks, what's the problem? A combination of questionable choices on the publisher's behalf and my own picky aesthetic preferences.
More than Meets the Eye is available in nine-- soon to be ten-- volumes. Only, no, it actually isn't. Remember those Spotlight one-shots I mentioned earlier? Those pretty much came to a halt back in 2009, with only one being published in 2010 and then only because the story, originally intended as part of the ongoing The Transformers, was needed to placate irate fans of the title character (Prowl) after a questionable bit of characterization. The Spotlight line made a brief comeback in 2012, however, as a series of pack-in tie-ins to the Transformers Generations toyline as well as forming together a soft prequel to the then-upcoming Dark Cybertron event. Two of the six titles, Spotlight: Trailcutter and Spotlight: Hoist, take place between the pages of More than Meets the Eye. Despite this, the powers that be have not seen fit to release a More than Meets the Eye collection which includes them.
But, okay, so a couple of character-focus issues are missing. They have a bit of foreshadowing and some characterization context, in addition to featuring characters who don't usually get the-- if you'll excuse me-- spotlight, but ultimately don't affect the story in any major way. A person could go through the run never knowing either of them-- Hoist in particular-- exist and not have any trouble following what's going on (though they may wonder what Trailguy's beef is in More than Meets the Eye #6 and wonder when Rodimus started handing out medals modeled after his own face). Is that enough to say the series hasn't "really" been collected? Even I would agree that, no, it isn't-- but that isn't all that's missing. You know what else you won't find in any IDW volume with More than Meets the Eye written on the side? More than Meets the Eye issues #23 through #27, that's what. See, those issues are the title's tie-in to the aforementioned Dark Cybertron event, a crossover marking the first time the casts of More than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise would meet again since the titles launched. Because they form a whole story along with issues #23-#27 of Robots in Disguise and the event's beginning and ending one-shots Dark Cybertron #1 and Dark Cybertron: Finale, they are instead collected-- understandably, even I can admit-- in the Dark Cybertron trades.
What does that mean for a shelf of More than Meets the Eye trades? It means, if you want the series in order, you go from More than Meets the Eye Volumes 1 through 6 to Dark Cybertron Volumes 1 and 2 (or the full run Dark Cybertron hardcover) to More than Meets the Eye Volume 7 onward. To round the title off, you'd need the upcoming Titans Return event trade, which will be collecting issues #56 and #57, which form a two-part tie-in story to the Titans Return event. And you'd still be missing Spotlights: Trailcutter and Hoist, unless you also stick in the Dark Prelude trade, in which all the 2012 Spotlights are collected; they'd be out of order, though, since they take place between the fifth and sixth issues of More than Meets the Eye, which are both collected in Volume 2. Some, perhaps even many, would be unbothered by this disarray. I am not among those many. The very idea curls my lip.
Lo, but there is another way. Starting in 2010, IDW sought to collect its entire output in oversized (typically over three hundred-page) hardcover volumes in a roughly chronological/"suggested reading" order. Phase Two of the initiative, collecting The Death of Optimus Prime onward, began hitting shelves in 2014. The day is saved, right? Not exactly, for a few reasons.
First and foremost-- Phase Two Volume 4, due out this month, will see More than Meets the Eye collected in this format up to issue #16; the title is currently on issue #56. If I want the full run on the title in my mits, this isn't going to satisfy me anytime soon. The second reason casts a wary eye upon the first phase of the line, which is riddled with questionable placement of stories. There's been no tell of such a thing so far in Phase Two, but there hasn't been much to mess up yet either, since the collection is at a point where IDW's Transformers output wasn't terribly busy. Not that the post-Death years in general have been nearly as busy as IDW's first few, and the story has been told in a more linear fashion, but there are one-shots and miniseries still to be collected, as well as a third ongoing title. I can't help worrying. The final sticking point is easily the pettiest, relating to one of said miniseries to eventually be collected in this phase. It is Sins of the Wreckers, loose sequel to the only pre-Death story I especially care about, miniseries Last Stand of the Wreckers. Last Stand is also the only pre-Death IDW Transformers comic I own-- in fact, I own it physically, in both soft and hardcover, though I'm looking to sell of the former. It's been my intention to get the softcover trade and later the hardcover of Sins for some time, but I won't need to if it's properly collected in the Phase Two hardcovers (admittedly questionable, as the first phase hardcovers are missing Last Stand's bonus story content). Which would mean having everything post-Death in the Phase Two collections and then just Last Stand on its comparatively little lonesome. Or everything post-Death in the Phase Two collections, plus an extra trade of Sins. Which would be on the opposite end as the lone Last Stands, if I maintain the order, as is my wont.
I'm not going to deny that I have petty grievances-- but, honestly? Yeah. Comic collections are really freaking obnoxious.
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I hate moving even more than I realized I did. Did I mention that I was moving? Well, a move happened, is my point. Our landlady decided she finally wanted to take care of all the necessary repairs that have been building up over the years, which are so extensive that she couldn't have tenants in residence at the time. So, we now have a cramped and drab but decent apartment.

The major downfall? No internet. Turns out our old provider doesn't service the area with anything more than light service, which doesn't support online gaming and a few other things. The main provider is Comcast, but when my mom called them, they said that we still owe almost two hundred bucks from our last account in 2009. So that will need to be ironed out before we can get service with them. I'm at the library now with Hal, which wouldn't be so bad except that, as I believe I've mentioned at some point or another, Hal's screen needs to be propped up due to damages that I can't afford to have fixed and my battery is pretty much done for, necessitating an outside power source and thus limited my choice of seating. Oh, woe is me.

Anyhow, that's where I stand at present. How are you, flist?
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So, it recently occurred to me that I have a kink meme fill and a couple comment!fics that I've never spruced up and posted elsewhere. I'm talking stuff that's been taking up space on the internet for years already, like, I feel old unearthing the fill especially. Anyway, I was about to go ahead and finally do that, right? And it hit me that the whole reason I never got around to it to begin with is that I couldn't think of titles at the time. It hit me that I still cannot come up with titles now. Seriously.

How do you do titles, writers on my flist? Ever get stuck?
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So, wow, the year is almost at an end. I must say, I am very nearly staggered by the weight of everything I haven't accomplished. I don't know whether I should make plans for next year or if doing so will just make me feel even stupider when they don't come to fruition (as an aside, I just realized I've been pronouncing that word wrongly all my life-- that counts as an accomplishment, right?).

Anyway, as I meant to ask some time ago: Would anyone like a Christmas card? Comments are screened, but you can PM me your address or email me at dustbunny105@yahoo.com if you prefer.

My [community profile] fandom_stocking is here for those interested. If you have a stocking, drop me a link.
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Because I know that you've all missed seeing me ramble about random, unimportant stuff. Sorry to have deprived you for so long.

Point the First: Man, the weirdos we get at Walmart. I don't talk about them too much since I could technically be counted among their number, but. You guys. This dude I saw yesterday, omg. I didn't even see him before I smelled him. That isn't too terribly unusual on its own-- half the time it's like The Attack of the Heavily-Perfumed People at work; I never even laid eyes on whoever had me gagging a few nights ago. This guy, though? Smelled like weed. A lot of weed. That isn't too terribly unusual on its own either. And he had the general look of someone who comes into Walmart smelling like weed-- bloodshot eyes, vacant grin, a weave to his walk and the more I think about it, the less sure I am that he nodded in greeting as he passed, because he kinda looked like he might just lay down for a nap at any minute. But what really stood out about this guy was his t-shirt. His D.A.R.E. t-shirt. Yes. You may be proud to know that I kept a straight face.

Point the Second: I need to get, like, a personal trainer for writing. I have ideas, I even have motivation, but somehow I just never get anything done. Every time I sit to work on something, I get this vague itchy feeling down the back of my neck and across my shoulder blades and suddenly it's more important to check my email for the fifth time in three minutes just in case. Meanwhile, the ideas form and reform in my head, making the process feel like more and more work as I become filled with the misleading sense that I did this part already. Ugh, why can't the words just appear on the page??

Point the Third: To end an elated note, YAY, HAWKS! I'm still feeling the disappointment from not being able to properly celebrate in Chicago. They had to shut down streets from all the partying going on. Not that I probably would have taken part-- as a short person, I'm pretty wary of large, tight crowds-- but I still would have been surrounded on all sides by people who, y'know, give a second snot. Also, fireworks! I love fireworks!
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Hi-hi-hi~ How's everyone doing?

I find myself in something of an odd mood-- all restlessness with no direction. I've gotten up to walk around and then come back to this five times already and will probably do so a few more times before I'm through. I'm possessed of the feeling that I want to do something but I'm not sure what. Which is weird on its own, because there is plenty that I could be doing-- even should be doing. Even typing this up is tinged with weirdness; I had the urge to post, I have things I'd like to post about, yet I can't get my thoughts straight enough for anything more than, well, this. Idk.

So, um. Some stuff I've been up to:

-Not practicing my Spanish. For, like, a week.
-Setting back my sleep schedule so that I wake up in the morning. No idea how this happened, but it's a trip.
-Enticing my siblings into reading Animorphs. If only I had any of the books still on-hand...
-Getting my two youngest cats snipped.
-Thinking hard about cleaning my room and then not doing it.
-Staring at my (no longer really) new bookcase like it's a blank canvas that can be ruined by actually putting my books (or, y'know, the shelves) on it.
-Opening Word to type out some story ideas only to close blank documents with much dramatic sighing.
-Finally watching Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians. I have so many feelings, you guys, I can't even tell you. Throw some talking points at me, someone?
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For no discernible reason, I was struck anew today by the fact that we're getting a new Sailor Moon anime this summer. I was somewhat bummed to take to the internet and find no substantial news about the series aside from that it's airing worldwide in the summer and that Momoiro Clover Z is doing the music. Seriously, that's all??

*melodramatic sigh*

So, flist, are you excited? Apprehensive? Both? Personally, I hope that it follows the manga in terms of story, characterization and powers, but takes cues from the first anime as far as attention paid to the cast. What hopes, if any, do you have for the series?
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Okay, I've had rather odd dreams before, but I must admit that it always gets me when they feel real. Odd, I can deal with easily. Waking up unsure if I just dreamed something or did it, not matter how ridiculous, not so easy.

Anyway, since I know you're all dying to hear about it:

This is way more long-winded than is warranted, honestly )
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If you celebrate, I hope everyone you had a good holiday. If you don't celebrate, I hope you had a good day anyhow!

I have to admit, I was in a better mood today than I've been in some time. Halloween wasn't the sole reason (grown-up points, whoo) but it definitely played into it. We were allowed to dress up at work and, following my tradition of throwing together a ridiculous costume at the last minute, I went as the ocean. For the most part, this was an excuse to walk around with my stuffed octopus on my head. If anyone cares enough to see pictures, let me know and I'll post. Right now, I'm looking forward to Halloween ending-- and all that candy going on sale.

How about you, flist? How was your day?
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I can't remember for the life of me now, though. Instead, I shall post things that I intended to post recently before succumbing to laziness. Whoo? Just for kicks, I shall list these tidbits in the order I would have posted them anyway. Whoo again?

First of all, something ridiculous that brought a smile to my face a few nights ago: I was on break at work and bought a box of Sour Patch Kids. I always eat them in a particular order-- all the green, all the yellow, all the orange and, finally, all the red. I was down to my last few red pieces, carefully inspecting their quality so as to determine what order I should finish them, when I noticed one was shaped a tad oddly. It was sort of squished on both ends, not resembling a cartoonish person at all; rather, it looked fish-shaped. There was a moment for that to sink in, followed swiftly by far too much excitement. I sucked all the sugar off and, sure enough, it was not a Sour Patch Kid at all; it was a Swedish Fish. I can't explain my love for this sort of thing, but I can say that this tickled me even more than the time I found a shell noodle in my macaroni.

Okay, enough about that. Now for something that won't make people wonder how much sleep I've been getting. I was on my way to work the other day, barely ten minutes into the walk, when I noticed something in my way. Not immediately in my way, mind, a good ten paces ahead. What caught my attention was that this something was a rabbit. A living, capable rabbit just sitting in my way and looking at me. I froze; the rabbit looked bored. I greeted it awkwardly, figuring the sound of my voice would get it hopping; the rabbit looked bored. I pulled out my phone and stepped closer for a picture; the rabbit looked bored. I put my phone away and made shooing motions; the rabbit looked bored. I can only guess that the rabbit was a teenager. What made it finally take off was me almost stepping on it as I kept on my way. Bonus: It stopped right in the middle of the road and stared at me while I made half-panicked gestures at it to keep going. Brat.

Finishing on a sour note because just thinking about it somehow annoys me enough that I don't care about finding something positive to follow it. At work, we occasionally have to make announcements overhead regarding the ~great savings~ we're offering on clearance merchandise. These announcements are made by whoever is at the fitting room at the time the announcements are supposed to be made. The other day, I covered the fitting for someone I'll call Bonnie's lunch break, which made me responsible for one of the announcements. I made it, all was well. Until Manager Know-It-All decided to call and tell me, in the most condescending voice ever, to be more alert about putting announcements out on time because he hadn't heard the last one. I informed him that it was my first go on announcing that day but that I was there when the last announcement was made and it was on time. He responded that he hadn't heard it because he'd been talking. UM, YEAH, OKAY? SO YOU CALLED TO SCOLD ME FROM ON HIGH BECAUSE...? Some of the managers, I don't even know.


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