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Firstly, I've previously admitted to being assimilated into Tumblr after a long but ultimately futile resistance. It occurs to me now that I failed on that occasion to actually provide my information or ask after any in return. I am dustbunny105 on Tumblr as I am most elsewhere; I haven't posted terribly much yet, as it would be primarily for the benefit of an audience of one at present (and also, I confess, out of sheer laziness). In future, I intend to post a little bit of everything that catches my attention, as is my wont. If any of you on my flist care to provide your URL, I'd be happy to follow you.

Second, I have recently reconnected with my love for the original canon of Sherlock Holmes and fallen rather hard. Don't bother to help me up, I'm happy where I am. I would enjoy some company, however, if any of you can and would like to offer it.

Third and finally, I am determined to participate in Femslash February this year. I have some half-formed ideas for fics and icons and the like, but they are few and so far untended to. Thus, I am bumming a little something off of [personal profile] shadro. If you please, suggest a femslash ship, a character, a source work or whatever else strikes your fancy as a topic, and I shall find time on the desired day to post something about it.

February 01 -
February 02 -
February 03 -
February 04 -
February 05 -
February 06 -
February 07 -
February 08 -
February 09 -
February 10 -
February 11 -
February 12 -
February 13 -
February 14 -
February 15 -
February 16 -
February 17 -
February 18 -
February 19 -
February 20 -
February 21 -
February 22 -
February 23 -
February 24 -
February 25 -
February 26 -
February 27 -
February 28 -

I offer my most profound thanks in advance for any suggestions made.

All that business out of the way, how are you, flist?


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