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So, something happened the other day that made me smile a lot at the time but now gives me mixed feelings.

I found a really cute fanart that was based on a fic of mine. Someone being inspired to draw based on something I'd written naturally took me to the moon and back and I'm honestly smiling a little as I think of it. The thing is that when I say I found it, I mean that I found it. I was scrolling through the fandom tag on Tumblr, thought at first that someone had just had a similar idea (since part of the scene they were inspired by was in turn based on a gag from another show) and only then noticed the link back to my fic. The artist didn't say anything to me about it until after I reblogged to gush, even though I'm preeetty sure the comment I got on that fic recently was from them. And then also when I looked at the notes, I noticed it got likes and reblogs from people who I know follow my fandom blog, where I've also posted that fic, and none of them said anything to me either...

And, I mean. I'm still stoked, like I said, but a link to the art would've been cool, y'know? It was already a few pages back and I was in the tags on a whim anyway. I could easily have never found it.
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I'm. Falling rapidly out of love with my current main fandom's canon. Like I'm getting flashbacks to Naruto, marching on well past the point that I was enjoying it because I was chasing after the happy satisfaction it used to give me. And sometimes it would! There'd be a diamond glimmering in the rough and I would latch onto it like it was the ultimate proof that things were about to hit paydirt. Every. Single. Time. I weathered disappointment after disappointment and I only finally let go because I forgot to check for an update after a hiatus and then couldn't be bothered to go back.

MtMtE is what's doing it to me now. It hasn't fallen to quite the low that Naruto did, but it's falling fast. The thing is that for a while there it made me happier than Naruto ever did, so the downturn feels that much more dramatic. Also, whereas Naruto just seemed to get further and further away from what I liked, MtMtE has been running roughshod over specific elements I once enjoyed and looked forward to seeing explored. Like it's to the point where I'm embarrassed to have recommended it to people, because what I was recommending it for has been tainted. There's also the added stress that this series is a big part of what got me back into the Transformers franchise, and I'm in deep across a few branches now but I still always come back to this universe.

I dunno, I was gonna do a whole big rant about this but I can't even be bothered, lol. I'm sticking it out for the end of this arc, I think, and after that, I guess I'll see where it stands.
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I was digging through my Photobucket account for the first time in years and stumbled across a bunch of tacky or just not-good banners and such that I did way back when I was trying to get a Naruto fanzine going. Among the such in question, I found several images of the first cover (in various states of completion) and the wallpaper I made from it. I. I gotta be honest with you here, I've romanticized this image in my mind for years now. "I'm sure it wasn't perfect," I'd say to myself, "but I remember it coming out looking really good!"

You guys:

three images under the cut )

Like I did the absolute least with Sakura's ribbon and shirt, it's so obvious that I did Ino's shirt and both their hair in colored pencil and then scanned (why???), the noise effect on the flower field, omg, the super obvious divide between the field and the real life photo of the sky I used on the wallpaper, that border effect on the "sky" in the first image... My younger self so embarrassing :,D She tried hard, though, I'll give her that.
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A couple months ago, it was announced that IDW's acclaimed Jem and the Holograms ongoing (as well as their Misfits spinoff miniseries) would be coming to an end with its twenty-sixth issue in April, but that there would soon be a continuation that would "change everything" about the Jem comics. Pretty standard comic book claims, but they hold more weight from a publisher like IDW about a title like Jem than, say, from Marvel about Spider-Man. This news was met with mixed reactions and much speculation. The top theory was that the Jem characters were going to be folded fully into IDW's shared Hasbro universe, introduced with their Revolution event from last year and presenting most of their Hasbro properties as existing in the same continuity. Though IDW officials have said that Jem was included in this new continuity status quo and there have been Easter eggs to corroborate this, it was left out of the crossover event and has largely stayed in its own lane due to an inconsistency of tone between it and the other books.

The speculation was put to rest by an announcement at ECCC. The next step for the Jem books won't be integration with the larger Hasbro universe but their very own special event "crossover"* called Infinite. The event will run through two biweekly-published, three-issue miniseries, Jem and the Holograms: Infinite and Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits: Infinite. The story will feature the Holograms and Misfits visiting another dimension and writer Kelly Thompson promises " [...] sci-fi shenanigans, reunions, betrayals, death, destruction, saving the world, and also, of course, music" per her interview with the AV Club.

My feelings about this are... mixed. Heck, my feelings about Jem not being integrated into the Hasbro universe are mixed and have been since the shared universe was announced. I'm not a fan of there being a shared universe in the first place, all told. I deal with shared universes for Marvel and DC because I knew what I was getting into with them-- and even then, their shared universes are largely why I no longer actively follow their books-- but one of the things I enjoyed about the IDW titles I followed was that they stood alone in their corners. On the other hand, so long as this shared universe is a thing, Jem has elements to bring to the table. That the crossover which beget the shared universe thus brings together only IDW's "boys' toys" licenses has rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning even though I'd rather it simply not exist.

Still, I've more or less gotten used to the idea that the shared universe exists and even more or less accepted that the things I really didn't want to happen (namely characters becoming main cast members in other franchises' books) have happened and will continue to happen. Sometimes I don't like things and the world keeps spinning. That's life. So, when the popular thought, which I agreed with, was that Jem was finally getting a seat at the table, my main concern was the aforementioned tone inconsistency. Jem's tone is a big part of what I like about it. There have been times I felt it was a little too light for the plot lines it presented, but I was still drawn to that light. The idea that Jem's tone might get an overhaul to suit the shared universe I already disliked curled my lip, even though part of me was happy to grit my teeth and bear it for the sake of the potential character interactions and sci-fi action shenanigans. I even had some hope that maybe the characters would interact with situations presented by the other books while still doing their own thing and maintaining their own tone. Over in the Transformers corner, after all, MtMtE and RiD each had their own distinctive tone for years while running side-by-side, referencing each other and eventually crossing over. It can work.

Finding out that Jem is getting what looks to be an overhaul in tone while apparently not opening the door for interactions with familiar faces ran me off the road, I admit. On the face of it, I like all of the things Kelly promises are to come from this new direction for Jem. I'm not totally onboard all of them rubbing elbows with Jem, despite my trust in Kelly as a writer. On the face of it, I'm glad Jem isn't being dragged into the spotlight in a shared universe I don't like. But excluding Jem even though they're willing to go harder with the title rubs me ever more wrong. And not getting to see characters I like from different franchises meet even though there are already characters I don't care about in books I care about and characters I care about in books I don't care about is ever more disappointing.

Granted, this event doesn't necessarily mean we're not getting the expected full inclusion ever. We don't know a lot about it or what comes after yet, and the other Hasbro books do include alternate dimensions and everything else coming for Jem, so there may yet be some crossover. It's been suggested that part of the reason for the main title's cancellation is lack of sales, too, and while I'd have expected that to be more reason to include the better sellers in the event, this could be an experiment to see if the new take on Jem can stay afloat before pushing it into the deep end of the pool. I can nod my acknowledgement to that logic. And here I am again, dancing around the shared universe I've complained about since hearing of it.

Whatever way the cookie crumbles, I am excited to see what's in store. Cautiously excited, but excited nonetheless. If the door is being closed on the Jem title, I'm glad that they seem to be doing it on their terms and then crawling out an open window. And if they crawl right into the end of IDW's Jem output altogether, I'm pleased that they look to be going out with a bang.

*It seems weird to me to call it a crossover when the titles being crossed over are Jem and Misfits, the latter of which is a miniseries which spun off of Jem to begin with and whose characters still heavily feature there.  I suppose "crossover" could be referring to the fact that the event is being told across two miniseries, but still. And come to think of it, telling the event across two miniseries when the ongoing was cancelled due to low sales is weird too... I need to stop before I start rambling.
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Man, I was just sitting here and minding my own business when I found myself overwhelmed by the difference in how I ship InoSaku vs how I ship Hermione/Luna. Which doesn't seem, on the surface, like something to be much overwhelmed by. These are very different ships between very different characters who inhabit very different settings, after all. But then it strikes me that they're my top two adversarial f/f ships and the fact that I want and get such very different things out of them quite suddenly fascinates me.

This got longer than it should by rights be )
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So, later this month, I'll be going to my first ever con; specifically, TFcon Chicago. I'm very excited about it, especially about getting to meet a lot of the artists on IDW's runs of comics. What particularly caught my eye as far as the guest list was that all three primary line artists on the current ongoings will be in attendance-- never mind that I don't follow all of the ongoings and am about to be following none of them. It happens that the only physical floppy of the current crop I own is the Holiday Special, which includes a short story from each of the three titles and the thought of getting autographs from the three artists just delighted me in a way I can't really wrap words around. Hence, more than anything else, that's what I've been looking forward to-- three stories, three autographs from three artists. I'd have to dig the issue out, of course, but it would absolutely be worth it.

Except, uh. Showing off the issue to someone, something occurred to me that really ought to have occurred to me already. If nothing else, it should perhaps have occurred to me when I set eyes on the interior art instead of some time after as I sat and blathered on about, "Oh, yeah, the art here is really cute and expressive, but some of it looks so weird compared to  the main--" Yeah. Great art. Very fun. But not quite the look I'm used to. Not quite, in fact, the looks I'm used to. Because not a single one of the three stories in the issue is drawn by any title's primary line artist.

At least I realized before I went through the trouble of unearthing the floppy XD
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Okay, I need to take just a second here to mention one of my favorite minor comics moments, because it just popped into my head and it's making me smile a lot.

It comes from the DC limited series Day of Vengeance, featuring the founding of one of my favorite D-list teams, the Shadowpact. The moment itself is buried within an epic battle on two fronts-- against the usually Lawful Neutral/Good Spectre and the evil Eclipso, who's seduced him to the dark side while he's vulnerable without a host. The 'Pact has no hopes of defeating the Spectre himself, so their plan is to set their sights on Eclipso, hoping to break him of her influence by killing her. They arrive to find the Spectre already battling Captain Marvel, giving them a chance to put their plan into action without the Spectre's interference. To give Captain Marvel-- and thus the team-- more time, Enchantress casts a spell to siphon magical energy from first herself and then from volunteers throughout the rest of the world through her own body and into Captain Marvel.

As I've talked about a bit with [personal profile] kalliel, I love mundanity in my magic, high concepts with their feet planted on the ground. And it's that which makes this battle scene for me. As Enchantress pulls the magical energies offered to her, Blue Devil gives us an idea in the narration of who's contributing. Plenty of heroes, as to be expected, and villains who stand to lose something with the victory of an Eclipso-controlled Spectre. But it's not just members of the super community who take part. We get throwaway mentions of seemingly ordinary citizens, people who largely didn't know they had magic to contribute to the cause until they answered Enchantress's call. "The woman who's never caught a red light in her life pitches in. The man who's never burned his eggs or spilled his coffee pitches in." I, sadly, don't have the book on-hand to double-check who I'm forgetting, or the exact wording on what I do remember, but those two have always stuck out to me.

Small thing? Yes, very small. But it's often, I find, the small things that make the experience.
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This is an established general fact, but the evidence currently on the table regards IDW Publishing's run of Transformers comics. What's so wrong with IDW's Transformers collections, asks absolutely no one? Well, I'll tell you.
A bit of context first: IDW has been putting out Transformers comics steadily since acquiring the license in 2004, starting off their run on the brand with a succession of miniseries and one-shot character-centric Spotlights set in a rebooted Gen One universe that took cues from Marvel's Ultimate universe, written and built primarily by Transformers veteran Simon Furman. These books sold, but weren't drawing the warm reception that the company hoped for. In 2008, they switched tracks. While still putting out miniseries and one-shots, they tugged the reigns from Furman's hands and passed them along to newcomer Shane McCarthy, who revamped IDW's main output with ongoing title All Hail Megatron. Telling a story somewhat more inspired by that of the original cartoon, it was intended as a jumping-on point for new fans, especially casual fans more familiar with the cartoon universe. It, uh. It didn't go over well. Reconfigured as a maxiseries, the title wrapped up in 2009 after sixteen issues. It was soon followed by yet another intended jumping-on point ongoing, this time titled simply The Transformers, helmed by another newcomer, Mike Costa. It... wasn't terribly well-received either, though it ran nearly twice as many issues as its predecessor. IDW took another chance on yet another jumping-on point and found the third time to be the charm. One-shot The Death of Optimus Prime set the stage for twin ongoings Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye, penned by John Barber and James Roberts respectively, both still running today-- though Robots in Disguise has been through a renaming and both titles are set to be renamed and renumbered in October-- and both critical and fan darlings.
Of these two, it's More than Meets the Eye that holds my heart. I was introduced to the series through [community profile] scans_daily  and finally checked it out proper thanks to Humble Bundle offering, as I recall, all then-current volumes and issues available-- in digital, natch. I've been following pretty faithfully since then, also in digital. More and more, however, I've been craving the series in hard copy. For all digital's advantages, I like to have something to hold sometimes when I'm reading. Having a physical copy also grants me the option of lending the title out to people I've been trying to get to read it. And, at a glance, I'm in luck! IDW is pretty quick to collect their titles in trade, and in a small variety of options even. So, again no one asks, what's the problem? A combination of questionable choices on the publisher's behalf and my own picky aesthetic preferences.
More than Meets the Eye is available in nine-- soon to be ten-- volumes. Only, no, it actually isn't. Remember those Spotlight one-shots I mentioned earlier? Those pretty much came to a halt back in 2009, with only one being published in 2010 and then only because the story, originally intended as part of the ongoing The Transformers, was needed to placate irate fans of the title character (Prowl) after a questionable bit of characterization. The Spotlight line made a brief comeback in 2012, however, as a series of pack-in tie-ins to the Transformers Generations toyline as well as forming together a soft prequel to the then-upcoming Dark Cybertron event. Two of the six titles, Spotlight: Trailcutter and Spotlight: Hoist, take place between the pages of More than Meets the Eye. Despite this, the powers that be have not seen fit to release a More than Meets the Eye collection which includes them.
But, okay, so a couple of character-focus issues are missing. They have a bit of foreshadowing and some characterization context, in addition to featuring characters who don't usually get the-- if you'll excuse me-- spotlight, but ultimately don't affect the story in any major way. A person could go through the run never knowing either of them-- Hoist in particular-- exist and not have any trouble following what's going on (though they may wonder what Trailguy's beef is in More than Meets the Eye #6 and wonder when Rodimus started handing out medals modeled after his own face). Is that enough to say the series hasn't "really" been collected? Even I would agree that, no, it isn't-- but that isn't all that's missing. You know what else you won't find in any IDW volume with More than Meets the Eye written on the side? More than Meets the Eye issues #23 through #27, that's what. See, those issues are the title's tie-in to the aforementioned Dark Cybertron event, a crossover marking the first time the casts of More than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise would meet again since the titles launched. Because they form a whole story along with issues #23-#27 of Robots in Disguise and the event's beginning and ending one-shots Dark Cybertron #1 and Dark Cybertron: Finale, they are instead collected-- understandably, even I can admit-- in the Dark Cybertron trades.
What does that mean for a shelf of More than Meets the Eye trades? It means, if you want the series in order, you go from More than Meets the Eye Volumes 1 through 6 to Dark Cybertron Volumes 1 and 2 (or the full run Dark Cybertron hardcover) to More than Meets the Eye Volume 7 onward. To round the title off, you'd need the upcoming Titans Return event trade, which will be collecting issues #56 and #57, which form a two-part tie-in story to the Titans Return event. And you'd still be missing Spotlights: Trailcutter and Hoist, unless you also stick in the Dark Prelude trade, in which all the 2012 Spotlights are collected; they'd be out of order, though, since they take place between the fifth and sixth issues of More than Meets the Eye, which are both collected in Volume 2. Some, perhaps even many, would be unbothered by this disarray. I am not among those many. The very idea curls my lip.
Lo, but there is another way. Starting in 2010, IDW sought to collect its entire output in oversized (typically over three hundred-page) hardcover volumes in a roughly chronological/"suggested reading" order. Phase Two of the initiative, collecting The Death of Optimus Prime onward, began hitting shelves in 2014. The day is saved, right? Not exactly, for a few reasons.
First and foremost-- Phase Two Volume 4, due out this month, will see More than Meets the Eye collected in this format up to issue #16; the title is currently on issue #56. If I want the full run on the title in my mits, this isn't going to satisfy me anytime soon. The second reason casts a wary eye upon the first phase of the line, which is riddled with questionable placement of stories. There's been no tell of such a thing so far in Phase Two, but there hasn't been much to mess up yet either, since the collection is at a point where IDW's Transformers output wasn't terribly busy. Not that the post-Death years in general have been nearly as busy as IDW's first few, and the story has been told in a more linear fashion, but there are one-shots and miniseries still to be collected, as well as a third ongoing title. I can't help worrying. The final sticking point is easily the pettiest, relating to one of said miniseries to eventually be collected in this phase. It is Sins of the Wreckers, loose sequel to the only pre-Death story I especially care about, miniseries Last Stand of the Wreckers. Last Stand is also the only pre-Death IDW Transformers comic I own-- in fact, I own it physically, in both soft and hardcover, though I'm looking to sell of the former. It's been my intention to get the softcover trade and later the hardcover of Sins for some time, but I won't need to if it's properly collected in the Phase Two hardcovers (admittedly questionable, as the first phase hardcovers are missing Last Stand's bonus story content). Which would mean having everything post-Death in the Phase Two collections and then just Last Stand on its comparatively little lonesome. Or everything post-Death in the Phase Two collections, plus an extra trade of Sins. Which would be on the opposite end as the lone Last Stands, if I maintain the order, as is my wont.
I'm not going to deny that I have petty grievances-- but, honestly? Yeah. Comic collections are really freaking obnoxious.
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Do you ever get really wrapped up in wondering about something that ultimately doesn't matter much and that you can't really do anything about anyway? I've been stressing on and off about an anon ask I got on Tumblr yesterday and. Like, it's not rude or creepy or anything like that. It's really not that big of a deal, y'know? But I'm so effing curious, y'know?? It's in regards to the latest issue of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye-- or, more specifically, in regards to one or some of the live-blog posts I made about it. Or so I suppose, anyway, or else this is even more befuddling.

The ask reads as follows: "Wow. Prowl is one huge asshole and not in a good way."

Yes, that's it, in full. The anon is not incorrect, if you were wondering. But, I just. Who? The tone of the ask suggests to me that whoever it is is taken aback by the jerkitude Prowl displays in panels I used for my live-blogging. I can't imagine anyone who would've been in the tags or who follows me and is a fan of the series would be unaware of the kind of person Prowl is*. Ergo, my foremost thought is that this is someone who follows me but is not familiar with the series. Which, okay. But, I just. Why? Why send an ask instead of replying to one of my posts? As far as I know, I don't have any non-Transformers followers who are too new to do so. Why send an ask about this over anything else I've posted about in my live-blog posts? I've live-blogged every new issue for months and while Prowl hasn't been around in that time, to my recollection, a) he's hardly the first jerk who's come up and b) this isn't the first time he's appeared, in all his tarnished glory, on my blog. Why send an anon ask? This isn't a controversial opinion by any means; even if they're unaware of that, assuming they are unfamiliar with the series and fandom, I made no secret in my posts of what I thought of his behavior.

I just. Yeah. Like I said, not a big deal by any means. But still I have so many questions...

*Prowl is actually written really oddly in this issue-- I would not be surprised if next issue reveals he's drunk, aside from I can't imagine him drunk-- but not in the sense that he's any more of a jerk than usual. Just in the sense he's a jerk differently than usual.
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I enjoy a well-done character death as much as the next person. I firmly believe death can be the right choice for a character and for a story. I firmly believe satisfying deaths of characters at peace and tragic deaths of characters gone before their time and deaths all along that spectrum can serve a purpose and benefit a narrative. I also firmly believe that a death scene can be well-written and emotionally impacting but still be ill-placed within a narrative. I also firmly believe that a narrative can fail to earn a poignant death scene and that can grind the pieces of a heart broken for a character into a fine dusting of resentment.

Honestly, completely honestly, I'm not a fan of character death in general. I stand by everything I said above about it sometimes being the right choice, I have enjoyed character death in the past and I'm sure I will in the future. But as I've grown older, I've also grown tired of the idea that potential deaths are the only stakes that matter in a story of action and danger. I reject the notion that only the possibility of characters dying-- heroically, cowering, peacefully, bitterly-- make a story worth its weight. I more vehemently reject the notion that "meaningless" character deaths-- that is, deaths that defy narrative satisfaction to make a point; ignoble deaths of noble characters because that's the life they (we) live-- are necessarily superior to meaningful deaths as storytelling devices. I acknowledge that some people best connect to works where there is a healthy and honest fear of certain characters dying and of those characters going out with a whimper and I'll acknowledge that such deaths, such stories, have their place. But I am so, so tired of seeing these ideas thrown around like objective criticisms.

Stories exist beyond their casualties. Knowing a character will come out alive doesn't equate with knowing they'll come out okay. For a character who survives a tragedy, there are more stories to tell. Knowing a character will come out alive doesn't equate to knowing how they'll manage it. There is a story in their survival itself. I've seen people say that stories about characters surviving every bad situation they come across are contrived and they certainly can be. But if your reason for why a character has to die is that you can't imagine how they'd survive, maybe it's your imagination that's the problem.

If a narrative is one of adventure and exploration and friendship and hope, I'm not saying meaningless deaths or unsatisfying deaths don't have a place. They can be all the more impacting in such a setting, a sobering reminder of what these characters signed on for and what kind of life they're really leading. They can be painful and poignant, they can inspire discussion, they avoid the trap of glorifying death especially in war. They have story possibilities of their own, not only for the character who dies but for the characters who live on. But is such a narrative necessarily better served by such a death? In a story about being abandoned into seemingly hopeless circumstances, in a story about rallying against expectations of giving in to despair, in a story about friends closing ranks to help each other survive, is the narrative really best served by a character putting himself on the line for even a slim chance it will save the people he loves and then dying in the throes of self-loathing, dying with the belief that all the good he's done-- in this moment and before-- isn't enough to make up for having years ago had good intentions manipulated against him? Is this narrative best served by a character robbed of the chance to come to terms with his grief and guilt, robbed of the peace he's earned throughout the story?

Maybe. In spite of my personal preferences, I can at least say maybe. Maybe that death in that narrative is a point all on its own. Certainly such a death in such a narrative can work. Certainly such a death in such a narrative moved me, choked me up, made me feel. Possibly-- not likely, given my preferences, but possibly-- this story wouldn't mean as much to me in the end without this death. But it also disappointed me. Not in the sense that I'm sad to see this character go, even though I am. Not in the sense that I hoped to see him make peace with his past, even though I did. I could get beyond those points, after a fashion, and I could enjoy this death for the tragedy it is even if it isn't how I'd liked to have seen the story go. But when that death is the price paid for a story arc where characters make poor choices not because it suits their personalities and motivations, not because those poor choices are still the best choices they have, but because the plot demands it? When that death is the price paid for circumstances contrived around the narrative instead of the narrative being woven to fit its circumstances? No. This isn't the disappointment of losing a character I love in a horrible way. It's the disappointment of losing a character I love to a story that doesn't deserve his death.
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I don't care what anyone has to say about how uninspired these designs are or whatever, the new starters are all adorable and the legendaries look awesome-- especially that bat. I was already leaning toward Moon, but this clinches it.

Not nearly so sure yet which starter I'll choose. I'm leaning heavily towards Litten because it's a kitten and has a really cute cry-- the fact that it looks like it might evolve into fire/dark has something to do with it too. That said, I do traditionally go for the water-types and all the hate I've already seen for Popplio makes a big part of me want to choose it out of spite. Plus, the new region is based on Hawaii and so a water type seems appropriate. Granted, if this region ends up being as heavy on water-types as one might expect from the setting, it would make good strategic sense to go for the grass-type starter. It doesn't hurt at all that Rowlet is an adorable little owl ball with a bowtie. Not only do I love owls-- with or without bowties, though the bowtie certainly gives it that extra something-- but it would also be thematically appropriate to Moon. And it is the only one with a dual typing, which makes it stand out.

Honestly, for all that I'm agonizing over this already, it may very well be the evolutionary lines that convince me. I was Team Froakie all the way back when XY was the new thing until we found out Chespin's final stage would be grass/dark. It didn't decide me immediately, but it was what the final answer came to rest upon.

And how about you guys? Excited? Underwhelmed? Do you know which game you'll be playing with which starter?
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There are a number of reasons I'm fond of Tumblr, but it sucks as a platform for discussion. And, okay, I knew that going in, but I didn't anticipate just how frustrating, say, looking for people talking about new episodes of stuff would be. On forums, there are threads, often designated threads. On journal comms, there are discussion posts where everyone gathers. On Tumblr, there are posts upon posts hidden behind cuts that might contain thoughtful insight or might contain two-sentence, nondescript flailing. Not that I have anything against the latter on principle, mind you, but it's not what I'd consider worth opening a new tab for. Just. Bleh. Whatever.

I clearly need to ease myself back into the journaling platforms.
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Ahh, it's good to have the internet back. In addition to catching up with various bits of anime news and hunting around for various comics, I've looked up several recipes and checked a bus schedule that I probably won't make use of anyway. Life is pretty decent today.

The past few weeks without internet haven't been too terrible either, lack of internet aside. I went to McKay's recently and picked up some new comics-- none of the comics that I actually went there hoping to find, mind you, but I was and remain happy with the purchase. In addition to comics, I also managed to snag the first season of Xena for less than four bucks. I've been making my youngest siblings watch it with me, as neither have seen it before and my brother hadn't. Even. Heard of it. I have failed him, I know.

Got my vacation hours at work scheduled, though I had to pretty much pick a random week since everyone else managed to schedule ahead of me. I ended up having a lot more time to work with than I thought, so that was cool. And, I mean, hey-- whole week of getting paid to not go to work? I'm not about to complain regardless.

Unpacking has been... slow. Very, very slow. I've just really not felt up to it, and I admit that a lot of my packing was haphazard at best to begin with. I've got my book case set up, at least, and I'm trying to decide which books I want to squeeze onto it and which books are gonna have to stay in boxes to await the purchase of another book case. Setup has been a bit of a headache, too. Why can't all books just be the same size, so that they look orderly and neat regardless of where they're placed on the shelves?

So, hey, tell me about what you're into.
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Y'know, I didn't think I'd get too into the whole Tumblr thing, but I'm actually really enjoying it. Mostly because I'm lazy, I admit. So easy to find so much content so quickly! I still don't totally dig it as far as a new way to do fandom, though. But, eh, can't have everything.

So, flist, what've you been up to? I won a free Mary Kay make-over and had the first appointment yesterday. Holy cow, that stuff is expensive! Done anything for Femslash February? So far, my full involvement has been re-posting some old drabbles I did for one of those theme communities that used to be so popular and also finishing off the set after however many years. Still need to do something for today if I wanna keep up my streak... Gotten into anything new? The first issue of Ms. Marvel arrived in the mail today and, omg, so happy to have it! I've read it three times. Kamala is adorable and the writing is so fun; looking forward to following her adventure! But enough about me, tell me about you!
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Firstly, I've previously admitted to being assimilated into Tumblr after a long but ultimately futile resistance. It occurs to me now that I failed on that occasion to actually provide my information or ask after any in return. I am dustbunny105 on Tumblr as I am most elsewhere; I haven't posted terribly much yet, as it would be primarily for the benefit of an audience of one at present (and also, I confess, out of sheer laziness). In future, I intend to post a little bit of everything that catches my attention, as is my wont. If any of you on my flist care to provide your URL, I'd be happy to follow you.

Second, I have recently reconnected with my love for the original canon of Sherlock Holmes and fallen rather hard. Don't bother to help me up, I'm happy where I am. I would enjoy some company, however, if any of you can and would like to offer it.

Third and finally, I am determined to participate in Femslash February this year. I have some half-formed ideas for fics and icons and the like, but they are few and so far untended to. Thus, I am bumming a little something off of [personal profile] shadro. If you please, suggest a femslash ship, a character, a source work or whatever else strikes your fancy as a topic, and I shall find time on the desired day to post something about it.

February 01 -
February 02 -
February 03 -
February 04 -
February 05 -
February 06 -
February 07 -
February 08 -
February 09 -
February 10 -
February 11 -
February 12 -
February 13 -
February 14 -
February 15 -
February 16 -
February 17 -
February 18 -
February 19 -
February 20 -
February 21 -
February 22 -
February 23 -
February 24 -
February 25 -
February 26 -
February 27 -
February 28 -

I offer my most profound thanks in advance for any suggestions made.

All that business out of the way, how are you, flist?
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So, wow, the year is almost at an end. I must say, I am very nearly staggered by the weight of everything I haven't accomplished. I don't know whether I should make plans for next year or if doing so will just make me feel even stupider when they don't come to fruition (as an aside, I just realized I've been pronouncing that word wrongly all my life-- that counts as an accomplishment, right?).

Anyway, as I meant to ask some time ago: Would anyone like a Christmas card? Comments are screened, but you can PM me your address or email me at dustbunny105@yahoo.com if you prefer.

My [community profile] fandom_stocking is here for those interested. If you have a stocking, drop me a link.
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After hemming and hawing about making banana nut muffins for the last I've-lost-track-of-how-long, I finally have a batch in the oven! This also marks my first use of the mini-loaf pan that I bought nearly a month ago, which is really not as exciting as it feels like it is, I'm sure.

Honestly, the muffins and the Christening of the pan are a sort of mood boost that I'm in need of. I went through a bit of trouble to make sure I had yesterday off work in order to attend a concert, but circumstances prevented me from going after all. Ah, well, it probably wouldn't have been that fun to go by myself anyway. Still, was looking forward to it... In other day-off-work news, I have my brother's birthday off but not my own and I really wish the premiere date of the new Sailor Moon anime would be released so I can try to get that day off.

Got long-winded again, whoops... )

So, hey, that's me today. What are you up to, flist?

UPDATE: Because I let myself get distracted, the muffins spent too much time in the oven. They're still tasty, but somewhat dry. Nice going, self, I feel so much better now.
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I just got the urge to do a meme. Give me any three characters you know I'm familiar with and I'll tell you who I would kiss, who I would marry and who I would shove off a cliff.
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“Nurse Chapel is a beloved [Trek] character,” says Orci. “Even before the first movie came out, a lot of online chatter was, ‘Is Nurse Chapel gonna be there?!’”

Alas, although we hear Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) say “Nurse Chapel” in 2009’s Star Trek, we never officially saw Christine Chapel — and she’s still MIA in Into Darkness. Instead, Carol Marcus tells Kirk that she learned of his reputation as a ladies man from her friend Christine Chapel, who has become a nurse since her romantic encounter with him — which he does not recall.

“We just figured that would be a great reference, and we loved that Kirk didn't remember her,” says Orci. “It’s an in-joke that also speaks volumes about his character when it comes to women. That’s why we used it.”


So, Chapel is reduced to a forgotten conquest and these people don't know Kirk from Adam.

Is there anything at all about this movie that should make me want to see it?
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Not that I could blame you guys, tbh. I'm not about to sit here and pretend that I've been keeping up myself.




Idec how stupid this whole thing is because. Just. Yes, Sakura, my queen-- I did think you were just going to sit back and play damsel in distress. It wasn't you I doubted, my love, it was Kishimoto. I doubt him still, but for the time being, I am eating this with my fingers.


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