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Things are going well so far! We haven't done a whole lot yet because my aunt and her family just arrived last night and we wanted to have stuff to do together, but things have been good. My siblings and I have done some walking around my grandma's neighborhood to refamiliarize ourselves with what's around and we've made a few stops at places we don't have at home. The comic shop in the area makes my local one look even tinier, daaang. I'd like to go somewhere by bus; I've never been comfortable using buses in Tennessee for some reason, but these are my bus lines, y'know? We'll be taking the bus (and the train, omg, I've missed the train) at some point during the trip anyway, though, so I may not bother on my own. I don't have anywhere specific I want to go anyway, haha.

Oh, also, Happy Canada Day to you Canadians!
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After hemming and hawing about making banana nut muffins for the last I've-lost-track-of-how-long, I finally have a batch in the oven! This also marks my first use of the mini-loaf pan that I bought nearly a month ago, which is really not as exciting as it feels like it is, I'm sure.

Honestly, the muffins and the Christening of the pan are a sort of mood boost that I'm in need of. I went through a bit of trouble to make sure I had yesterday off work in order to attend a concert, but circumstances prevented me from going after all. Ah, well, it probably wouldn't have been that fun to go by myself anyway. Still, was looking forward to it... In other day-off-work news, I have my brother's birthday off but not my own and I really wish the premiere date of the new Sailor Moon anime would be released so I can try to get that day off.

Got long-winded again, whoops... )

So, hey, that's me today. What are you up to, flist?

UPDATE: Because I let myself get distracted, the muffins spent too much time in the oven. They're still tasty, but somewhat dry. Nice going, self, I feel so much better now.


Mar. 17th, 2013 11:50 pm
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I've been meaning to post about this and that for, like, two weeks. Somehow never got around to it. Now I'm here and I can't be bothered. Idk, I'm in some kind of weird mood. Or maybe just spontaneously aware enough to know nobody wants to read my babbling, haha.

Anyhow, really just wanted to wish Happy St Pat's before it's over. So, y'know. Happy St Pat's! Did you celebrate? How so? We had our usual corn beef, cabbage and potato dinner, which I have stuffed myself on with no regrets. Granted, I haven't really tried to move yet...

That aside, how've you been, flist? Done anything exciting? Been in any trouble? Got anything you're looking forward to or dreading? Any books, movies, shows, music, recipes or whatever else to recommend-- or recommend against, as the case may be? I'm all eyes!
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For the second time in two days! Whoo! Now being able to sit in my own room and whine about my troubles at my own leisure, I present to you, Hal and Al's Harrowing Adventure! (or, HAHA!)

Cut because I'm long-winded )

That tale's been told, on to miscellaneous pet news:

I've talked before about my snake, Isis, and how very much she loves to escape her tank and hide out for however long it take us to find her again. I last posted about finding her hiding in a closet in mid-December. What I failed to update about two weeks later was that she escaped again. I bring this up now because we found her two days ago. Yes, really. She was a few houses down in my brother's friends' yard. Yes, really. She's home and doing well now-- under much stricter surveillance and in a much more heavily reinforced tank, as you can imagine-- although we weren't sure what to think when she was first found. She hasn't eaten the rat we got her, but it's always been her habit to let her food hang out for a day or two before eating it, so I'm not sure whether that's something to worry about.

I don't know what the deal is, but Gremlin has been really aggressive lately. I first noticed it in how she treats the stray tom that hangs around on our steps, and that didn't surprise me too much; she has a lot of feelings about new animals on her territory. However, I've also noticed that she's been taking swipes at Surrey and Scamp when they've done nothing to provoke her except walk past her. Not to say this behavior is entirely out of her norm, but she's been doing it far more often than usual. There have been no problems between her and us people, though, aside from her occasional weird cat moods. I'm not sure what to think of it.

To close: I GOT NEW HAMSTERS! I wasn't sure I wanted to get more hamsters after Theo, even though I knew I wanted some kind of small and probably furry animal, but I couldn't resist after seeing them at the pet shop. They're a couple of robo hamsters I've named Nut and Bolt. Tiny little guys, and hard to hold onto, but I look forward to hand-training them. I was planning to get a scorpion as well while I was there, but decided against it after talking with the salesman. Tatiana's old tank isn't as suitable as I'd thought it would be, especially for an emperor in a house with cats. Maybe next time, when I'm better prepared for it.

Finishing this post off on a fangirling note: Has anyone else seen the leaked first episode of Legend of Korra? OMG, CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SHOW.


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