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I said I'd make a post about my earring-making and here it is!

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Finally getting around to my bingo card! I'm super hyped because, this time around, there's no particular line that stands out as The One I Want to Do. The whole card is fair ground. However, there are, naturally, some squares I'm more interested in than others, whether because they're quick and easy marks or because they're things that've been on my to-do list for a long time. The first square I'm working on is a little bit of both.

Pixel crochet is something that fell across my path on Tumblr and I went from passively thinking, "oh, that's cool," to aggressively assuring myself, "I'm going to crochet so many pixels," in very little time indeed. For all that I have several things I'd like to try, though, I didn't have any particular project in mind when I added "Do PIxel Crochet" as a square. Rather, it was more of a "learn how to do this thing" square. So, yesterday, I searched around for tutorials on different methods. I had an inkling of the idea that I wanted to learn all the methods so as to be better prepared for different patterns, but I ended up really taking a shine to the corner to corner method-- it's simple, quick and doesn't require sewing pieces together to form the final product like the granny square method I'd originally figured I'd be using does. Also, I've found that I don't much care for granny squares. No, it's not because they keep coming out more round than square when I do them, shut up. I haven't tried the bauble method yet, but that's because it looks like it uses a lot of yarn and I'd rather put that sort of frustration aside for later.

Anyway! Under the cut, you will find my first two attempts at corner to corner pixel crochet :D

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So, all in all, this was fun! And for all that they're flawed pieces, I think I did pretty well considering I haven't done this kind of crochet before and I was working freestyle. I'll be trying them properly (that is, not grown for the corner) soon, preferably from a pattern.


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