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Whoops, forgot about my end-of-month bingo post again. Watch this space!

Only one bingo again, sadly, and I got frustratingly close on both of the other cards. Even more frustrating is the way I played myself; I thought that I set myself weekly Spanish practice for this month, not biweekly. Since I didn't mark my cards as I went, I wasn't reminded otherwise. Ah, well, I scraped by on that one anyway. I need to set myself up a proper schedule for some of this stuff, I swear.

Anyway, as with last month, I'll go over the marked squares on my winning card first, then cover any squares on the other two that weren't on the first.

[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Many squares are marked; the top left diagonal line is completed.]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Many squares are marked. No lines are completed.]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Many squares are marked. No lines are completed.]

Watch Stuff: I was a little conflicted about marking this one just because it overlaps with another square, but that's something I've been thinking about for most of the history of doing these cards and, honestly? I don't think it's much of an issue. So, in this case, watching stuff means that my mom and I have moved on to Beast Wars in our ongoing Transformers marathon. It's not as difficult to watch as I feared, though my mom isn't as into it (at least not yet).

Finish a WIP: I've got so many WIPs now, omg. I don't know quite how to feel about it. Way back when, I used to pretty consistently finish writing in one sitting, usually edit in that same sitting and then post. I feel like giving myself space is a better habit, not least because it means I don't outright abandon tricky ideas anymore, but I kinda miss being able to bang something out, check the spag and go, y'know? Aaand I'm rambling. Anyway! For this square, I finished another Anolug ficlet. Haven't posted yet because a) I still need a title and my last Anolug is already sitting about the internet untitled and b) it breaks pattern with what I've posted previously and I'm still trying to be okay with that, haha.

Write a New Ship: This square is marked by another of those WIPs I mentioned. I started writing some fluff for my Rescue Bots rare ship, Salvage/Boulder, but got sidetracked by some research I wanted to do for it and haven't gone back in to finish yet. I don't want to count all my chickens just yet, but I think it's gonna be pretty doggone cute when all is said and done.

Fix Tags: I've been slacking on this initiative, but I did get some more of my Jem posts properly tagged. I'm going to aim to finish with them this month and move on to some other tags.

Write Daily: YES, I'm still on a roll! I don't always write a lot, but it's more the habit that I'm pressing myself on. I'm becoming a lot less forgetful (which is to say that sometimes I remember to write in the daytime instead of just as I'm falling asleep) but this is another thing I'd like to set myself on a schedule for.

Draw Otters Daily: Similar to the above! I'm a little disheartened, though, that I don't see a whole lot of progress so far. Quality instead seems to fluctuate by the day. But then I already knew that I wasn't going about this in the best way, what with usually only producing one sketch at a time. Definitely need to work on that... Fun tidbit: I left the drawing for nighttime the other day, because of course I did, and ended up coming home to the power out due to a storm. Not having a flashlight handy by which to draw, I did a Paint sketch instead. Didn't turn out too bad, all considered!

Write Anolug: I mentioned above that I finished a WIP for these ladies, but I also started a couple more. I'm iffy on them, because the characters' history is still a touch spotty in ways that make me uncertain of addressing it directly, but if it's not cleared up pretty soon, I'm gonna just go ahead.

Work on Vampire Thing: Totally put this off until a few days ago, lol. I need to try to be more consistent because, man, I have missed working with these girls. If only I could find like... most of my freaking notes on their actual stories.

Work on WIPs: Did a little bit on just about everything that I have sitting around right now! Whoo!

Read Comics: Actually went through my collection recently and snagged a few. Mostly this was for the sake of lending them out, but I also sat down with a few for my own reading pleasure. I read the Amethyst Annual, which I liked but which probably would've worked better for me if I, y'know, read the full limited series it's based on first; an issue of The Adventures of Superman guest-starring Impulse which I also liked but had goings on that were very much in the middle of a larger story I don't have all the issues of; and something else that was so utterly forgettable that I just have this big empty space in my memory where its title should be.

Watch Beast Wars: As I said! To more properly honor the spirit of this square, I've been covertly taking notes while watching with my mom.

Practice Coding: You guys, I have let this one slide so bad. I could barely remember what I was doing when I got back to it. And I forgot to take notes over the last lesson, so I'm gonna have to review. Still, it remains fun and interesting. For anyone looking to learn to code, I do continue to recommend Code Academy.

Write Whrung: Marked in the course of working on my multitude of WIPs. Really need to settle down with this square, though. I've got bits and pieces of a multichapter fic kicking around and I've gotta few later chapters done but haven't finished the setup chapters.

Write a New Character: And this one was marked in the course of the Write a New Ship square, as it's my first time writing for either Boulder or Salvage.

Work on Big Thing: Again, missed these babies. Didn't do a whole lot with them, though. I hit this square pretty much incidentally while working through my WIPs in general.

Three Squares in a Week: I'm thinking of dropping this square, honestly. I like how meta it is, but since several squares can only be marked during the last week or even on the last day, I feel like it loses a bit of impact. In any case, this time I hit it with my Daily squares and... well, a few of the others, honestly! I'm gonna say the Practice Coding square was the third, just because I'm pretty sure it was the most recent.

So, that was that for May! Here's to a productive June!