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OKAY, SO. The reason this post is so late in updating is that I found myself very uncertain of how I wanted to format, what with the three cards thing. Well, that's the first reason; the second is my dubious attention span. However! I've got that ironed out and am prepared to present my cards. No blackouts and I only hit one bingo, sadly. I decided to cover the card that got the bingo first, then any squares on either of the other two that didn't appear on said card.

Without further ado:

[Image: A personalized todo list bingo card. Only a few squares are marked; the bottom row is complete.]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Only a few squares are marked; there are no completed lines.]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Only a few squares are marked; there are no completed lines.]

Write Daily: Still on a roll! This square has always been more about the habit than what came of it, so not everything I've written has been something I've kept or even cared much about once it was down. I'm pleased with myself just the same that I've been able to stick to it.

Voice Lessons: One of the newer squares and not one I've done a lot with so far. Hitting it has consisted mostly of watching YouTube video tutorials and following the beginner's instructions. I haven't included much structure in it just yet, but look forward to doing so.

Work on WIPs: Yes, I know, I forgot to mark this on the top card, but hitting this square was indeed part of my daily writing on occasion.

Watch Stuff: This has consisted mostly of watching Rescue Bots. As a very social watcher of things, generally speaking, I've put off a lot due to not having anyone to watch with. This is the case with a lot of Transformers media. I watched a few episodes here and there alone, and even with others, but what I really wanted was to sit and enjoy the show, not just the episodes. So, one night I brought Murphy into the living room, which is also my mom's room, and informed said mom that we were going to watch cartoons. To which she responded with a less than enthusiastic, "Uh... okay?" We didn't start at the beginning that night-- I wasn't sure if she'd go for it on a rolling basis and it's my learned opinion that if you're only ever going to watch one episode of Rescue Bots, it should be the musical episode. We watched, we laughed, it was fun. The next night she asked if we were going to be watching more and we've watched at least one episode almost every night since. We're currently on the fourth and last season, which I freaking swear is haunted, for all the trouble we've had trying to get episodes to play properly. When we finally finish, the plan is to move on to the rest of the continuity. She doesn't realize it yet, but the plan from there is to move on to the next piece of Transformers media I've put off watching and then Beast Wars. Or vice versa, I'll decide when we get there.

Work on Big Thing: I'm admittedly wary of counting this because I think what I developed and wrote to hit this square may be sheered off into its own universe. But it's part of the big universe for now, so here we are.

Draw Otters Daily: Yes, I've actually managed to stick to this! Mostly this has been a single quick pen sketch every day, but again, the square is largely about building up the habit. Next step, I suppose, is to carve out more time for proper drawing sessions. Not least because my quality is super inconsistent... If anyone is interested, I'm happy to share what I've managed to do so far!

Edit Something: You may be asking, Al, how is this different from Working on WIPs? Well, this is more of a specialized square, serving two specific purposes. The first is going back to something that is for all intents and purposes finished, just waiting for a more removed eye to look it over. This is how I hit this one, though the piece I looked over remains unpublished because I'm waiting for a bit of canon info to drop in order to fix-- or not, as the case may be-- a specific bit of detail. It won't hurt the fic itself either way or I'd just post it now, but I do want to maintain accuracy here if I can. The second and more important purpose of this square is to edit much older work, but I've been procrastinating like whoa on that.

Fix Tags: Still working my way through Tumblr and adjusting my tags on certain posts. Waaay back, I assumed I wouldn't have much use for certain character tags. I'm working on adding them so the posts are easier to find among my more generalized fandom tags. Not too big of a deal, but it's something I keep meaning to do and keep putting off.

Three Squares in a Week: This is another one I'm unsure of including. Heck, I'm unsure of this square anymore. A lot of my squares are ongoing now, only applicable at the very end of the month or else marked arbitrarily. That said, I did hit my Fix Tags and Edit Something within the same week as my Dailies, so I'm going ahead.

Huh, didn't have much to mark beyond my wining card. Kind of a letdown, haha. Right now, I'm not entirely sure what I think of using three cards. Though that was always going to be hit or miss, depending on what tasks made it onto how many cards and what I managed to accomplish. I'm going to stick with it for now, but it remains to be seen whether it'll remain a regular feature.


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