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[Image: The front of a thank you card. It is green surrounded by a thick black border, which is in turn surrounded by a broad-striped yellow background. A pale brown decoration shaped sort of like a squat upside-down pentagon contains white text reading, THANKS, on a black background. The green section of the card has a large capital T in a darker on the right side. On the bottom left of the green section is black text which reads, I appreciate you.]
[Image: The inside of the card, mostly white. The left "page" is mostly blank, with only hand-written text reading Ruth 2:12 inscribed. The right "page" is taken up by a hand-written note, transcribed below.]


My wife and I were in the paint department this past Sunday evening looking for ceiling paint when you so politely approached us to give us some help.

We both just want to thank you again for your kind and professional help. It was so wonderful for us to be in your presence and so blesed by your assistance! May the LORD bless you and repay you for what you did.
With sincere hearts,
[names redacted]

I got this thank you card-- complete with super sweet hand-written note-- the other day from a nice older couple I helped out with paint last week. I'm almost as taken aback as I am delighted-- I really didn't do anything special. I helped them find what they were looking for, made a few suggestions and shook up the paint they selected. I know I made small talk with them as well, but I couldn't even tell you what was said. Management gave me a nice little write-up for the notice board in back as well as a congratulatory pin (which is a smiley face wearing a shamrock hat for some reason...) but that interests me far less. I only hope I recognize these folks next time they come in (I can be pretty awful with faces and while I know I helped the gentleman before, it was my first time seeing the lady) so I can thank them in turn.

Date: 2017-05-04 05:41 pm (UTC)
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Hey, you must have made some impression...


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