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I'm. Falling rapidly out of love with my current main fandom's canon. Like I'm getting flashbacks to Naruto, marching on well past the point that I was enjoying it because I was chasing after the happy satisfaction it used to give me. And sometimes it would! There'd be a diamond glimmering in the rough and I would latch onto it like it was the ultimate proof that things were about to hit paydirt. Every. Single. Time. I weathered disappointment after disappointment and I only finally let go because I forgot to check for an update after a hiatus and then couldn't be bothered to go back.

MtMtE is what's doing it to me now. It hasn't fallen to quite the low that Naruto did, but it's falling fast. The thing is that for a while there it made me happier than Naruto ever did, so the downturn feels that much more dramatic. Also, whereas Naruto just seemed to get further and further away from what I liked, MtMtE has been running roughshod over specific elements I once enjoyed and looked forward to seeing explored. Like it's to the point where I'm embarrassed to have recommended it to people, because what I was recommending it for has been tainted. There's also the added stress that this series is a big part of what got me back into the Transformers franchise, and I'm in deep across a few branches now but I still always come back to this universe.

I dunno, I was gonna do a whole big rant about this but I can't even be bothered, lol. I'm sticking it out for the end of this arc, I think, and after that, I guess I'll see where it stands.
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