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This month's card! Got a couple revisions this time around. I wanna get on some kind of relatively set schedule with my Spanish practice, so I'm going to aim to do lessons twice a week and work out the best days for that as I go. Mind, this is a broad goal; my hope is to do more per week, but I wanted a catchy phrase to put on the square. Otter drawing has been made daily again because weekly was making it too easy to forget. I... am not sure why I didn't go biweekly for that as well. Ah, well.

Some astute readers may note that I've also got a few new squares. I mentioned in my last post for last month's card that I've written a lot but posted very little. Happy as I am with my productivity, I would like to encourage myself to finish and present more work. Thus, the Post Weekly square; I'll be aiming to post at least once a week but will do my best to post more. Write Anolug refers to my latest Transformers ship, the one I mentioned previously may be on the chopping block; gotta get it all out while I can, especially since I dropped the ball for FemFeb. Finish Cushion refers to a throw cushion I started crocheting last month and hope to have finished by the end of this one. It's coming along nicely, so I don't have much in the way of doubt. Voice Lessons is an experiment of sorts; I'd like to become a better speaker, with a mind toward maybe eventually doing videos of some kind. I'll be tracking my progress throughout the month. Watch Beast Wars has been broken away from the general Watch Stuff card because I specifically need to revise what I know for the personal project I mentioned way back forever ago, lol. I've been slacking, not least because my notes have about exhausted what I know.

Finally, and warranting its own paragraph, the Last Square card. I'm going into this month with an eye toward a full blackout. That square will be marked when, and only when, it is-- of course-- the last unmarked square on the card. We'll see how having it as a concrete goal affects my doings this month. Fingers crossed for the best!


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