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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, mostly filled in. The first two columns, the second to top row and the left to right diagonal are completed.]

I came so close to blacking out my bingo card this month, ugh. I let myself lose momentum in the second half, or else I might've done it. Heck, I even nearly finally hit my Submit to a Magazine square... Ah, well, I'll try to let it pump me up for next month!

As for the squares I've hit since my first bingo earlier this month:

Write Daily: Yesss, still on a role! It hasn't always led to posting or even completing, but it's been nice to settle into the habit. Still, I'd like to do something to encourage myself specifically to finish more often next month. That one Finish Something square isn't going to cut it.

Write Whrung: Speaking of writing but not finishing stuff, here's this. Starting next month, I don't know that I'll let myself get away with that for these specific squares. For right now, I'm giving myself points for working on-- and very nearly finishing part of-- something I've let collect dust for over a month.

Fix Tags: This'll be a recurring square because I've got quite a bit of tidying up I've been meaning to do. This time around, I've marked it because I finally went back and tagged all my bingo posts. It's not much, but it's something I've been meaning to do.

Work on Big Thing: Wrote out some character interaction and gave names to a few characters who didn't have any. I really need to get around to properly developing the universe, though, it's kind of a mess right now. I'm just not quite ready to admit yet that some of the characters and interactions I've been working on probably need to be sheered off.

Try a New Recipe: I made, for the first time, homemade ravioli! Spinach pepperoni ravioli to be precise~ Most of them didn't come out looking too great-- rolling and preparing the dough was a bit much to ask of my patience-- but they were delicious. I think I'll add some oregano next time. And maybe get someone to help XD

Work on Vampire Thing: I've finally, slowly, started outlining the actual stories. Or, if not outlining, at least breaking down the action and when the characters are introduced/utilized.

Honorable mentions for Draw Otters Weekly and Improve Spanish. I came really close with the otters, but dropped the ball this past week. Next time for sure! I also did practice Spanish, but I've been lax on practicing for long enough now that I ended up falling behind where I'd been. I do feel like I've made steps toward correcting this, but I don't feel right marking the square when I don't feel properly improved, y'know?


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