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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. The right-to-left diagonal line is complete]

I was bound and determined to get an early bingo this month, since I got one last February. I would've liked to get one as early as I did then, too, and I actually came really close! Only I messed up when I made my card, leaving off a couple squares I meant to include, and only noticed when I was half through the line I was working on. I really, really wanted those squares, though, so I grit my teeth and made a new card. It ended up not screwing me over too bad and I was one square away... when I realized I'd still left out a square I really wanted. Really, really wanted. So I (*silentragescream*) made another new card. Which is this one, which I just finished today! So, y'know, frustrating, but I still got a bingo at the halfway point :D

Now, without further ado-- the marks!

Write a New Ship: I think I may drop this one next month, not sure yet... Anyway, I actually wrote several new ships this month! New ships in the case of this square referring to ships I haven't written before, not ships I'm newly into. Although one of them is also that! I wrote Ginny/Luna from Harry Potter (I'd technically written them before, but as part of the Hermione/Ginny/Luna polyship), Mars/Serenity from Sailor Moon, Max/Dana from Batman Beyond and, my newest ship, Anode/Lug from Transformers: Lost Light.

Write Femslash: This was more of a blanket square, mostly encouraging me to produce content for or at least in honor of Femslash February. As all of the ships I wrote for the previously mentioned square are femslash, naturally I get this one too XD

Read Comics: I mentioned in a post yesterday that I'd started and stopped reading the first volume of DC Comics Bombshells. I got back on the wagon today and I'm so glad I did, shipping bitterness aside. I love this AU a lot, you guys.

Read a Book: I ended up reading the second volume of Strawberry Panic after all. Still pretty cute, but the consent-related ickiness was even stronger in this one. I'm not finding myself all that invested in any of the relationships either, even though I'm curious to see how they end up. Not sure if I'm curious enough to track down the final volume, which seems to only be available in English in the series omnibus...

Finish Something: The square that got my bingo! I didn't finish the things I most wanted to-- or, rather, I haven't yet; I'm on a roll again working on them now-- but I did finally finish off something I wrote and left to set over a year ago. Dunno if I'll post it yet, since it's mslash (specifically, EdEdd from Ed, Edd n Eddy), but it's ready whenever I am!

Three Squares in a Week: I actually accomplished all of the previously discussed squares within a week! In fact, I think there are several groups of three among all my squares happened within a week of each other :D

Learn a New Stitch: A couple! I learned the raspberry stitch in knitting and also learned tunisian crochet, the latter of which I may be making a graphgan out of soon.

Practice Knitting: I just realized I forgot to mark this square but I'm too lazy to fix that right now, lol. Practice is very much the operative word, as I realized I hardly remembered how to cast on. Granted, I always seem to forget that within like a week of knitting, Idk. I made a couple swatches of plain knit and purl, as well as working on the aforementioned raspberry stitch.

Do a Craft: We got some really pretty blue and white plush yarn, which is a type I've enjoyed working with before. I decided to c2c myself another scarf and it came out pretty great. My sister-in-law loved it and is going to be making a blanket out of the same kind of yarn in brown, once she masters the c2c technique!

Work on WIPs: I have worked on several, but I sort of regret marking this square already since I'm going to continue to do so. Granted, that would've been part of my finished line before...

Lol, aaand I just realized I killed my Practice Crochet square when I last redid my card. Wow, what a mess this month has been! Y'know, something I forgot to mention is that I somehow ended up with two cards at once before this one and wasn't sure which I liked best, so I was marking both to see what gave me a bingo first. Cheating? Maybe, Idek. I got within one square of a line on both of them before realizing that both of them were missing squares I wanted! I never thought I'd need to proofread a to-do list so closely... Whatever, I'm not changing it again now that I got my bingo XD


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