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I'll eta my card tomorrow, when I feel like writing everything up and loading pics, lol.


[Image: A personalized bingo card, several spaces marked. The middle row is complete]

Not to shabby, says I! I missed a few things I really wanted to hit, but more about that later. First, the squares I did hit:

Learn Embroidery: This was always a rather general goal, yet one i kept allowing to languish. But, at last, I have succeeded. Not much to say about this just yet, tbh, as I only started a few days ago. I've gotten a few basic stitches down steady, have completed one small project and will be working on another today. I'm also planning to do a few more small projects in the same vein, but I'll go into more detail on the Do a Craft square.

Three Squares in a Week: Heck, more that three, even! Seven-- count 'em, seven-- of these squares were completed within the last seven days. I'm quite fond of this square, guys :,D

Read Comics: In anticipation of my sales post, I finally went through and read a few of the things I was looking to sell. I, uh. I admittedly didn't do all of that reading this month and cannot remember now which titles were read when... But I'mma count it anyway because I know some of it was this month. Quite a mixed bag, I must say. Might do a post on it, Idk yet.

Work on Vampire Thing: Ehhh, I'm not actually totally satisfied with what I did for this one, if I'm entirely honest. I wrestled with a scene I've been turning over in my head and, well. Let's call it a draw. Still, I figured out some blocking, fixed a particular issue I'd been having with it and did a character switch that made for a much better end result. I just didn't get as much down in words as I'd have preferred.

Work on Big Thing: I did very little writing on this square, oops, but I'm still counting it because I nailed down a few particulars regarding characterization and interactions that I am all kinds of happy about.

Finish Magikarp Bag: That's right, folks, I finally finished the bag! Er. Kinda. The drawstring is missing, but I'm giving myself a pass because that's down to problems more or less beyond my control. Namely, both materials I was considering for the drawstring are missing without a trace. I've decided to make a separate post about the bag (or maybe make a general crafty things post) and so I'll say more there. But, you guys, I can hardly wait to show this thing off. I'm so happy with the way it came out-- especially after all the trouble it gave me, haha.

Make a Sales Post: For all the good it did me, lol. It's so weird to think of all the stuff I sold off through LJ years ago. Not that I expected the same kind of crowd, but my goodness. Looks like it's to eBay for me.

Learn New Stitches: Referring to embroidery stitches in this case. I'm gonna do a separate post for my embroidery (or make a crafts post, as mentioned above) and so I'll give more details there. Not much to say on this front, though, really, so far I've just done some outlines and filling.

Do a Craft: For this square, I decided to put my Embroidery square to good use and make myself a cute little embroidered pinback button. Again, more details in another post, but what I ended up embroidering was a stylized pair of leopard skin underpants, based on a joke from Ed, Edd n Eddy (kinda dedicated to a side Tumblr I run based on the same, I suppose). The project I mentioned earlier will be a companion of sorts; a quote from the scene of the joke on leopard print fabric.

That's it for what I did get done. As for what I didn't, man, Idek. The Draw Otters Weekly and 100 Words Weekly squares in particular are haunting me. I set off to a good start, but lost track of myself and ended up in a despair spiral of sorts. I'll be more mindful of that pitfall in the future. Meanwhile, the Practice Spanish daily square is honestly making me laugh. You may recall, I forgot to include that square last month and thus didn't get credit even though I did practice daily. This month, I was careful to remember to include the square and then completely forgot to practice. Like, all month. I baffle myself sometimes. I was going to talk briefly about another couple squares as well, but found myself rambling. Those may get spun into their own posts or I may forgot to do that. Guess we'll find out. For now, it's a wrap :D


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