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[Image: A personalized to-do list bigo card with two marked square; one of them is the free space]

Finish Requests: Just a couple of EEnE ficlet requests, one from Tumblr and the other from FFN. Technically I have another request waiting on me from Tumblr, but it's covered by the "Write Rung/Skids" square. This square I specifically put down because I was letting these two requests gather dust.

So, yeah, I haven't gotten as much of the card done this week as I'd have liked, but at least it's largely because I've been taking care of other stuff. Or have been tired from taking care of other stuff. I made an acceptable amount of progress on my room and even got a mattress and boxspring dragged in that I wasn't going to bother with for lack of space. The floor wasn't as cozy as I remember, though, so I grit my teeth and am bearing it. It's pretty comfy, I admit. In addition to cleaning up and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff, I put together a bunch of stuff to do a joint yard sale with my sister-in-law, which we held today. I also found some items I've been meaning to hawk off online; gonna be getting to that soon-ish.

Also, I found a roach in my room *shudder* Only one (so far...) but it's enough to make me miss being covered in ants.

Oh, quick little fun fact to finish off: Due to the half-completed state of organization I knew I was going to be leaving my room in, I knew that my craft box was gonna end up with stuff piled on top of it Thus, I made sure to leave aside all the yarn I would need for making my Magikarp bag. Y'know what I didn't leave aside? A single freaking crochet hook. Go on, laugh. It's what I've been trying to do anyway.


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