May. 15th, 2017

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What with the venting I've done about my frustrations with the Transformers comics, I feel I need to take a moment to throw some love toward a branch of Transformers that's been a consistent pick-me-up: Rescue Bots. I mentioned in my bingo post from last month that I started watching it with my mom; well, we finished it the other night. I'm sad to see it ended, not least because it ends on an open note rich with possibilities, but it was a great ride.

I feel like maybe I should feel silly for how much I love it, given that it was aimed at preschool-aged kids, but I don't. I like to unwind with something fun sometimes, and being able to remind myself that it's for kids, even more so than your average Transformers cartoon, helps me to not worry to too much about what's going on. Not that there's much to worry about, honestly. For all that the show's admittedly silly plots run on cartoon science and hand-waving, it's got solid writing, tight continuity, likeable characters and engaging character development.

And, you guys-- there's a musical episode.

It's not perfect, I admit. There are some episodes and creative decisions that leave me scratching my head even keeping in mind that it's a show for small children and some that leave me scratching my head because it's a show for small children. It suffers the usual problem of lacking female characters that all Transformers media does. Some characters didn't get enough play, imnsho. It's reliance on recurring human villains grows somewhat tiresome as the show goes on, even though they're used sparingly. But as a whole, it's a fun, feel-good show that doesn't shy away from genuine emotion. Even the weakest episode have memorable high points and I don't think there were ever two weak episodes in a row.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I had someone to sit and watch with. I forgot how enjoyable that could be.

Anyway, yeah. I just needed to express these feelings ♥


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