Feb. 14th, 2017

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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. The right-to-left diagonal line is complete]

I was bound and determined to get an early bingo this month, since I got one last February. I would've liked to get one as early as I did then, too, and I actually came really close! Only I messed up when I made my card, leaving off a couple squares I meant to include, and only noticed when I was half through the line I was working on. I really, really wanted those squares, though, so I grit my teeth and made a new card. It ended up not screwing me over too bad and I was one square away... when I realized I'd still left out a square I really wanted. Really, really wanted. So I (*silentragescream*) made another new card. Which is this one, which I just finished today! So, y'know, frustrating, but I still got a bingo at the halfway point :D

Now, without further ado-- the marks!

Write a New Ship )

Write Femslash )

Read Comics )

Read a Book )

Finish Something )

Three Squares in a Week )

Learn a New Stitch )

Practice Knitting )

Do a Craft )

Work on WIPs )

Lol, aaand I just realized I killed my Practice Crochet square when I last redid my card. Wow, what a mess this month has been! Y'know, something I forgot to mention is that I somehow ended up with two cards at once before this one and wasn't sure which I liked best, so I was marking both to see what gave me a bingo first. Cheating? Maybe, Idek. I got within one square of a line on both of them before realizing that both of them were missing squares I wanted! I never thought I'd need to proofread a to-do list so closely... Whatever, I'm not changing it again now that I got my bingo XD


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