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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card. Several squares are marked and the middle column is complete]

So, it occurs to me as I sit and type this that I could've posted my bingo days ago. I'm just so used to posting at the end of the month now, I guess. Holy self-defeatism, Batman... This actually drives home something I've been thinking about lately, namely that I've fallen into the habit of ignoring the card until the last half-- or less-- of the month. The increased urge to get stuff done that the realization grants me is good, don't get me wrong. Before, I would realize I hadn't accomplished anything for the better part of a month, mean to accomplish stuff and then... not. But cramming a few accomplishments into a week or two isn't really in the spirit of the cards, as I see them. The main problem, I think, is that as I've gotten used to them, they've fallen in line with my long-standing "out of sight, out of mind" issues. I'm considering, for the next card, pinning a physical recreation somewhere I'll see it often, so I won't drift away from the thought of it. I've got a dry erase board around here someplace, might put that to use.

As for this card! Missed some of my more coveted squares again and I wanna go ahead and address some of them now and get it done with, so I've got room to finish on a positive note. The squares I'm most bummed about missing are Practice Spanish Daily, Draw Otter Weekly and Sumbit to a Magazine, so I'm gonna just touch on those.

I am so annoyed with my lack of progress in Spanish. I've hardly touched it at all this whole month, only bothering to do any practicing the last few days. And that's after spending two days wallowing in the fact that I hadn't done anything yet. I'm reconsidering the wording on this square, tbh. For all that I've had pretty good luck with my other "daily" task (Write Every Day), I find that messing up on the Spanish propels me headlong into a grey zone between misery and apathy. I may change this one to some set amount of progress going forward and see how that does me.

The Otters square, I'm not sure what I'll do. I have drawn otters this month-- heck, I think I've drawn more otters than I did last time I actually marked the square-- but I drew them all in the last two weeks. This comes back to the "out of sight, out of mind" thing again. That and my listless, floating relationship with time. I had supplies ready and set the first week, I blinked, and a week had passed. I decided to go on ahead and do as many as I could... and then another week had passed. I'm gonna tough it out with this square, see if the physical copy card idea helps out.

And then there's the Magazine square, which I may be most bummed about. I was all set and ready to do that one this month, like really hyped up and ready. I looked into a bunch of calls for submissions and mindfully whittled down my options, I was on a roll for writing every single day, I knew what I wanted to do... I'm. Still actually not sure where I messed up, honestly. I'm not sure what to change. Put my faith in the physical copy for this one too? I dunno.

... Hm. Well. Onto this month's successes, yes?

Write Every Day )

Work on Big Thing )

Practice Coding )

Read Comics )

Work on Vampire Thing )

Finish Requests )

Three Squares in a Week )

Work on WIPs )

Watch Stuff )

Budget Book Binding )

Write a New Ship )

Read a Book )

So, that's it for this month! See you all with a new card tomorrow!


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