Jan. 28th, 2017

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One of my favorite childhood shows was a ridiculous sci-fi action series called Biker Mice from Mars. It's... pretty much what it says. Muscle-bound anthropomorphic mice on motorcycles escape from their war-ravaged home planet, Mars, and end up on Earth (in Chicago, which probably has a lot to do with my affection for the show now that I think about it, haha). There, they make friends with a long-suffering mechanic, set themselves up in a baseball score board and battle the evil forces of the Plutarkian Laurence Limburger, one of the race of fishpeople who manipulated and destroyed Mars.

Less than half of the show has been released on DVD or even VHS; basically the entire third season may as well be lost at this point. This is already something that's been lowkey upsetting me for years. I. Do not like lost things. The thought that years of people's lives and livelihoods may as well be altogether gone makes me shudder. I know that's sort of an extreme and not entirely accurate way of looking at it, but it's how it hits me every single time.

Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, I found out recently there's been a petition circulating for months to get the full series released on DVD before the masters, y'know, completely deteriorate. It has less than a hundred signatures, which is its already low goal. In short, odds aren't looking too good for a DVD set happening any time soon. Or at all. And the knowledge that someone tried to make this happen and it was a dud makes it feel so much worse. Just typing this is flirting with a stress headache, heh.

Literally thousands of people donated in the hopes of getting a Swat Kats revival a couple years ago. There's a petition right now with over a thousand signatures to get Netflix to pick it up as an original series. I donated to the initial campaign, I signed the petition, but it manages to make me feel even worse. If Swat Kats can pull in numbers, why can't Biker Mice? If Swat Kats can raise money from thousands, why can't Biker Mice get a hundred signatures? I always thought the fandoms had a pretty big overlap (furry sci-fi action cartoons with a good dose of comedy, how can there not be overlap) so... where is everyone?

I dunno, this is hardly the biggest thing dragging me down these days, but it has the strongest grip at the moment. I guess this is in part due to the need for validation that I've never been completely able to shake, and which punches me in the face every so often. Some primitive part of my brain is reading this lack of apparent interest in a show I loved and still adore as a personal slight, I think. Ah, well.


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