Dec. 31st, 2016

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Wow, okay, uh. I was gone for kind of a while there, huh? Oops... Real life has been an assorted bag of stress lately, is my excuse. I think I might make "post more often" one of my resolutions; now that I'm sitting and doing it, I realize how much I've missed it.

So, in that vein, who's looking forward to the new year? Who's dreading it? Who's partying and who's having a quiet night in? Anybody have any fun traditions? How about resolutions?

Me, I'm hanging out in the living room with my mom and the cats, chowing down on snacks and watching the clock. I've got on red underwear for luck in the coming year and, boy, am I expecting to need it. For all that this year has been crap, I'm thirty-two flavors of nervous for the next one. We still need to find a dark-haired man to walk through our door tomorrow, too, also for luck in the coming year. Gotta be honest, I'd forgotten about resolutions until this post, haha. I'll figure something out before midnight, I'm sure.

Talk to me, guys, I've missed you ;;

(Also, I'm gonna check all those messages in my inbox soon. I'm so sorry orz)
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Oh, before I forget, I was gonna post my bongo card buuut guess who's having computer trouble :D

I'll update this post tomorrow.


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