Sep. 30th, 2016

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(Image: A personalized bingo card, several squares marked. The center row is completed)

Man, here I said I'd be posting more and then I didn't come back for a week. In my defense, Hal has been having bluescreen issues which make posting-- or even using him, honestly-- incredibly annoying. Just the same, here's me resolving to be around more coming up. But, more immediately importantly, here's me happy with my latest bingo :D

Do a Craft: Scraping by on this one, I admit. I finally sat down to my Magikarp bag again, this time with a more open mind. I realized that where I went wrong last time I tried basically amounted to thinking I knew things it turned out I didn't. Like, for example, how to read my pattern. And also the two major stitches involved in said pattern. Once I broke down and looked stuff up-- as I should've from the beginning, honestly-- things went much more smoothly. I've got the body completed and will soon be working on the details that, y'know, make it a Magikarp. I decided to mark this square because, while I don't quite deserve the Make a Magikarp Bag square yet, I do think it's fair to get a point for getting to where I am.

Learn Three New Stitches: I feel like I probably had embellishments in mind when I originally conceived this square, but that ended up only being a third of what I did to mark it. I'd have to check my instructions for the proper name, but I learned to crochet a cute little flower embellishment. The other stitches I learned are the-- honestly very basic-- single crochet and half double crochet. I also relearned the magic circle, which is also cool!

Work on Big Thing: I didn't get much done here, tbh, and certainly nothing presentable. But I did untangle a snarl that had been vexing me, so I'm pleased.

So, yeah, that's it for the month! There are a number of squares I'm disappointed to have missed, of course-- chiefly, the Draw Otters Each Week square. I shot myself in the foot with that one, moving all my stuff around and throwing off my sense of time passage with vacation. Fingers crossed for next month. I'll be rethinking 100 Words Every Three Days, as I really wanted that one but the time frame ended up messing with me somehow, haha. I also thought I had a square for daily Spanish practice, which I actually honored, but apparently not... Nonetheless, I'm happy with what I got done :)


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