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I mentioned before that I love production bibles and gushed about how much fun I had looking through the original Transformers production bible in particular. Well, I have discovered that I love another source of supplemental character information perhaps even more-- on-package toy bios. In fact, let's just say supplemental bios in general and be done with it, because I found an archive of many of the character bios through the years and I am having a blast going through them. But I do think the toy bios stand out especially, if only because the brand has always ultimately been about the toys and so what information makes it onto the packaging is, to me, of special interest. That said, the "Universe" bios, which are essentially expanded versions of the bios published with the comics, really bring it together.

cut because wow this got wordy )
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I completely forgot that LJ has a "like" feature now. The only reason I remembered, in fact, is that someone liked my Leia pillow post and I got a notification for it. And it's driving me to distraction because the notification doesn't even tell me who liked it. I mean, I'm glad that someone did, just. I'd really like to know who?? I was passively in favor of the like feature myself, but I didn't expect it to be anonymous...
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Oh, hey, forgot that I meant to repost my Leia pillow since my bingo post for last month went up wonky, time-wise. Anyway, here it is!

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Man, I was looking up names for different species of morning glories for a thing and I just have to say that some of them would make great titles.

Hazelwood Blues
La Vie en Rose
Shadow Dance
Imperial Formula
Blue Star

Honorary mention to Venice Series, which would be a fine title for, y'know, a series, but which refers to at least two different varieties of flower and thus leaves me uncertain whether it quite counts. Shoutout to Crimson Rambler, which could be a title but sounds more like a character and is in fact exactly the sort of thing I was looking for to begin with.
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Okay, yesterday's bingo post and today's will be posted tomorrow, I guess XD


Back again from ~the future~ to fix what went wrong. Here's October's card-- wish me good luck!
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Eep, I just realized how late it was on what day of the month. I'll post my card tomorrow or Monday!


Here I am from ~the future~ to put right what was wrong with this post! Man, this card. It is top-loaded. Makes me really feel what I didn't get done, especially since I know I missed so many items due to letting myself forget or just plain procrastinating. Ever sit and do nothing while mentally railing against yourself to do something? Yeah. The month finished off on a pretty good note but dang if I'm not feeling the lack now... But enough about that! Here's what I did accomplish:

Read Comics )

Crochet Sculpture )

Write Boulvage )

Practice Drawing: )

Try a New Recipe )

Fix Tags )

Write Whrung )

Draw Otters Daily )

Do a Craft )

Write 100 Words Daily )

Finish Cushion )

So, that's it for September. Overall disappointing, but with some nice little victories to soothe over the burn. Fingers crossed for October!
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You guys may not believe this but there is a major downside of being into a fandom for a general franchise where every last bit of fiction, including contradictory toy packaging bios, is considered equally canon and thus many fanfics/headcanon discussions tend to distill characters and situations into their most recognizable forms and then shape them to the writers' own preferences. Perhaps even especially because many people have self-admittedly not personally consumed the two most prominent official examples of the foundation universe these works/headcanons are set in.

"But, Al," I can hear you say, "that sounds so straightforward! Whatever can the matter be?"

The matter, my friends, is that for all that there are fine works to be found in this foggy ground of psuedocanon, basically none of them portray certain characters the way I prefer to see them in this setting. Honest, this sort of complaint is probably at least a little hypocritical. Certainly I've enjoyed works and nodded along with headcanons which relied on a sort of Frankenstein's monster of every official portrayal of a given character. If I stopped to think about it, I'm sure I'd find at least one of those fanon portrayals to be so popular as to overshadow characterization from one of those same official canon sources. But this is my whiny post about my preferences; so, nyeh.

One might expect that statement to be followed by an elaboration on my problem, or perhaps a charming anecdote. One would, in that case, be expecting more of my attention span and memory both than what either can give at this time.

"But, Al," I can hear you say, "can't you just save this as a draft and come back to it when you're more coherent, rather than to throw it half-formed into the void?"

I could. Yeah, I certainly could.
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

Almost forgot to post this month's card!

Not a whole lot of changes, all told, since there aren't a lot of specific things I want to work on. Which should, in theory, mean more time spent on those few specific things I do want to work on. We'll see how that goes in practice!
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It just hit me that I posted my card yesterday with my daily squares marked and, uh. There's still, y'know, today. Which is a day. Basically what happened was I forgot that August has thirty-one days-- or rather, I knew it was August but somehow was still thinking of the number of days in terms of September. I've got a small vacation at the end of September, see, so that's where my mind is. So I hurried to post my card in time and when I realized that there was another day, I just thought, cool, I got double bingo with a day to spare. The fact that I'd marked the daily squares simply didn't register.

Anyway! Given that neither of said squares contributed to either bingo line, I'm gonna just leave the card up as-is and ask you all to trust that I'm still fulfilling those two squares.
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, many squares marked. The top left diagonal and the second column from the right are complete]

Double bingo, as of mere minutes ago (at the time of the writing of this sentence)! I got so close to some of those unmarked squares that I can lick their flavor from my teeth, but what I did hit ain't too shabby. Taking it from the top as usual:

Read Comics )

Write 100 Words Daily )

Make a Plushie )

Write Whrung )

Practice Coding )

Work on Vampire Thing )

Post Something )

Fix Tags )

Prepare Binding )

Draw Otters Daily )

Do a Craft )

Read a Book )

Anyway, that's all for now! Tune in next time, when I'll pay special attention to Finish Togepi Bag-- I'm so close, just gotta figure out the head spikes to my satisfaction-- and Crochet Sculpture-- I figured out most of teh techniques I'll need, I'm just nervous to get started. See you then!
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I am so freaking excited for the eclipse, you guys! By sheer chance, I'm off today and so I won't have to miss it. I don't think we're going to have a view of the total coverage here, which is too bad, but I've got a pair of those glasses handy and I'm gonna keep an eye out for any photographs. In the meantime, I've got the countdown timer open in a tab and I'm watching it like a mother hen watches her chicks. I'm thinking of doing something crafty for the occasion too...

Anyone else watching?

ETA: Made myself a cute little eclipse hairclip! Just in time to start~

Spawn of the ETA: Here's a picture:

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Man, I picked the wrong month to drop the Practice Knitting square from my bingo card. I did it because I've taken more to crochet and I felt like I was pushing myself unnecessarily into another craft which I have less immediate interest in. I figured, y'know, may as well stick to crochet projects and maybe dip into knitting for the Do a Craft square, if I found something that caught my interest.

That was before I decided I wanted to do a Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. No, actually-- that was before I decided I wanted to do a reversible Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. If not for the desire to do it as reversible-- that is, in this case, to portray the usual colors on one side and the shiny colors on the other-- I would still be going ahead with doing it in crochet. But while it's possible to do something like that in crochet, it is both a royal pain and doesn't create quite near enough to a flipped image. Double knitting, on the other hand, is tedious and time-consuming but turns out a much cleaner and more aligned final product.

While I'm not going to be beginning this specific project anytime terribly soon-- it's gonna take a bunch of different colors I haven't got, to begin with-- I have pulled out a pair of my needles to work on my skills. I was just about to cheerfully mark the square on my card when I remembered that the square in question wasn't there. Ah, well.
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

And here's my card for August! Didn't end up making very many changes, but there are a few.
  • Practice Drawing has become a Weekly; as I've finally remembered to make myself a physical representation of the card on a whiteboard, I'm hoping that I won't lose track of it.
  • Three Squares in a Week has indeed been dropped for the time being, as I feel it's lost a little something with all the Daily squares.
  • Read Comics is back, since I've dug a few out recently.
  • Speaking of Comics, I'm looking to get around to finally getting my own custom bind put together, as noted with Prepare Binding.
  • Post Weekly didn't do much of anything for me the few times it appeared, so I'm trying out the lower-pressure Post Something.
  • Finish Togepi Plush has become Finish Togepi Bag because I decided that's what it's going to be instead; it's also sort of branched off into Make a Plushie, since that is still something I want to do.
  • Write Daily has been upgraded with a one hundred word minimum, as I'd considered.
  • Speaking of writing, I'm looking to buckle down on a specific WIP I've had sitting around for one of my Transformers rare ships, hence Write Boulvage.
  • Finally, I'm going to be trying out Crochet Sculpture (the square should probably read Make Crochet Sculpture, but whatever); essentially, I'll be using very thin crochet hooks with fine crochet thread and applying fabric stiffener to, if all goes right, create a small statue.
Wish me luck!
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. The left diagonal line is completed.]

Well, didn't get nearly as much done as I'd have liked. I'm kinda cringing at this, haha. Especially the squares where I came really close but ultimately fell short of. Still, what's done is done, amirite? So, without further ado:

Finish Cushion )

Practice Drawing )

Write Daily )

Write Whrung )

Work on WIPs )

Three Squares in a Week )

Draw Otters Daily )

Read more... )

Voice Lessons )

And that's that for the month! I've got some things to think about for next time and a few new projects I know are going to be added. Not gonna lie, I sort of miss the three cards, though not quite enough to switch back just yet, if only for the extra space.
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Not too terribly long ago, my sister and I watched The Brave Little Toaster because she couldn't remember having seen it before. Or, well, that was the excuse. Honestly, I was gonna watch it regardless.

Anyway. She liked it well enough but, man. Did she ever get stuck on the air conditioner "death" scene. Like, when we first got through, we actually had to pause because she was just riding so hard on, "Are we not gonna talk about the fact that they just killed him? They provoked him into committing suicide, that's literally a crime--"

Her response when I asked at the end what she thought was basically, "It was pretty cute, I guess. Kinda weird. Like how we're not talking about how they literally killed a guy." That scene was her main takeaway-- which, I mean, fair enough.

Thing is, I'd pretty much forgotten about it until much more recently. I don't even remember what I said, I just referenced the movie in some small way. And it was a moment before she got it, then it dawned on her in what seemed to be a perfectly neutral way, then she just burst out, "Okay, but are we seriously not going to talk about it??"

I'm not going anywhere with this, really. I just was thinking about it and, tbh, while I am amused, I can also very much relate to being stuck on one particular bit of a piece of media that is-- or at least seems-- very under-acknowledged.
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I've been going through my floppy comics today, partly from a desire to try again at putting them into order, partly to single out some issues to read and partly to set aside short runs to practice binding.

Custom binding, in this case sewing or gluing together several single issues to make your own collected edition, is something I've been interested in for some time. Budgeting such a project was one of my bingo card squares a few months ago, even. While there are a few titles that I'm looking to bind specifically into large hardcovers, I'd like to try my hand at a few smaller books first to get the hang of things. I had a few miniseries in mind when I went digging around and I've got them beside me now. Two are four-issue runs and one is a six-issue run. I'm intending to start with one of the former, as it looks like it'll be the easiest to get set up. The other two I think I may do some playing around with, if I do even decide to bind them after all.

The main drawback of a custom bind versus a commercially-released collection, at least for my money, is the presence of ads. In some books-- such as Power Girl, the mini I want to start with-- all the ads can be removed. There are a total of four two-sided ads in each issue and they're all connected to another ad rather than a page with story content. To do a bind without them, I just have to slide them out after I remove the stables from the issues to sew them together. Then there are books like the other two minis I'm looking to work on, which have no or almost no ads that can be removed even if I decide to perfect bind (that is, cut everything into individual pages and glue them at the spine rather than sewing) because most of them are single-side. Even that wouldn't be so bad if in some cases there weren't ads, occasionally mood whiplash ads, literally every other page. On the bright side, the two instances of four-page ads-- count 'em, four straight pages of ad-- are in the very middle of their respective issues and will be easy to remove. Still, though, yikes.

Probably I won't get started right away; there are still a few decisions to make about and things to get set up for later parts of the process. But since binding these minis aren't going to be super intensive projects, I think I'll probably be starting soon. Look forward to me possibly crying about mutilating my books and trying to figure out title pages and covers XD

Other fun things that came up as I was sorting my stuff:

* I have so many more DC than Marvel books. Like i knew it was unbalanced but not that much.
* Similarly, I have both a heck of a lot less non-Big Two stuff in general and a heck of a lot more IDW stuff specifically than I thought.
* One series I thought I had a full run of? Yeah, I don't. See below edit!
* Another series I know I have a full run of? Yeah, I don't know where it is. See below edit!
* There was so much misordering of my Justice League books due largely to the title changes I complained about before, omg.

ETA: So, not actually very long after making this post, I had a thought and went back to my boxes. This time, I checked a box that I'd left alone because I could've sworn that it was full of just two runs of comics. In short, I was wrong! Quite wrong. Not only did I find the missing full run mentioned in the fourth point, I found two full runs of the series mentioned in the third point. I'm not sure how or why I ended up with so many excess issues of that one, but whatever!
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I have a deep and abiding love for production bibles. I love to come across the bits and pieces that got changed or simply forgotten about, the bits and pieces that make certain final product elements make so much more sense-- or less sense, as the case may be. In the context of the original Transformers cartoon, which was all about hawking toys to kids and so paid very little mind to silly things like plot consistency and continuity, and which had a huuuge cast of characters to rotate in and out of the spotlight (again often with only a token of consistency), seeing the original intent and measuring it against canon as seen in the media is untold amounts of fun. It's also helpful for developing characters for writing fic, depending on just how obscure or inconsistent they're written in the show.

As you may have guessed, I have been reading said production bible, as presented online through transcripts. Nobody asked, but I've decided to present twenty of my favorite things/the things that most stuck out to me:

Read more... )
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Just a few little "how's life" tidbits that I wanna toss out there but don't need their own posts:

1.) I've gone and made myself into the unofficial "person who folds the t-shirts" as regards the promo PDQs that we've been getting in over in the toy section. Why? Because I walk past the toy section all the time on my way to the backrooms and seeing those shirts go days upon days without being folded drives me out of my mind. Management keeps thanking me for taking the time and praising my initiative-- and on the outside, I go along with it. On the inside? I'm sitting at a table with a broken leg, gaunt under a bare bulb, staring a thousand yards and gravely intoning, "It's not for you."

2.) Speaking of walking by the toy section: I stopped and gasped in horror as I went by a Rescue Bots toy display. For real gasped in horror-- high-pitched, came complete with a jerk to the side while clutching my chest, only thing missing was the scare cord. Why? Because, at a glance, it looked like there was a play figure set which came with only three-fourths of the main cast of bots and the missing bot is my favorite sometimes. I then realized, at a second glance, that the bot in question is part of the set, just placed differently than the other three. I blinked, said a fairly flat, "oh," and went on my way as if nothing had happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple looking at me oddly. I can only hope they had fun speculating about what the matter was.

3.) Last week I got one of those air fryer baskets, which let you air fry in your oven. I've only used it twice and I'm sure it's too early to say I'm in love but, you guys? I'm in love. I never realized how much I tasted the oil of fried foods until I wasn't tasting the oil anymore. The food tastes so clean while still feeling fried. It's amazing, highly recommended.

4.) On the flipside of the not realizing how much I was tasting a thing until I wasn't experience is cottage cheese. I never thought of cottage cheese as a particularly salty food and I've cut way back on salt in recent years anyway. But I just tasted cottage cheese with no salt added for the first time and it tastes like unhappiness. Even eating it with preserves couldn't save it (or preserve it, if you prefer).

5.) I've finished the base of my Togepi plush's shell-- though I've spotted a mistake in the design now-- and am ready to move on to embroidering the shapes on. But I'm being held back because I want to take process photos, I specifically want at least one photo of the pre-embroidered shell and I can't for the life of me get any good photos with my phone.
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

So, here's my card for July! Yes, that's right, back to one card. It was interesting to work with three at a time and I honestly really enjoyed it. But as I've mentioned before, I have an "out of sight, out of mind" problem with the cards sometimes. I toyed with the idea of sketching out a hard copy on a chalkboard or such and I still like that idea. I, in fact, only now remembered that I had that idea, in part because I didn't think of it at all when I would've had to sketch out three different cards. So, at least for now, a single it is.

Not much new stuff going on-- in part, I admit, because having so few squares again feels really weird XD I ended up not making Practice Coding a daily square after all because I decided to make Practice Spanish a daily, and I didn't want to overwhelm the card with those. I like them, they're helpful, but they don't contribute to an early bingo since I can't mark them until the end of the month, Can't have those good daily habits dragging me down!

Anyway, yeah. I'm aiming to include more specifics on next month's card. For now, I didn't have much in the way of specifics that I was willing to sacrifice the freer vague squares for.


Jun. 30th, 2017 10:30 pm
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[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. The right-to-left diagonal line is complete]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. There are no completed lines.]
[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, several squares marked. There are no completed lines.]

Aaand no stray squares on either of the two losing cards, so we're done for now!
I've got to admit, I got more done this month than I'd been giving myself credit for, even with the couple of "sure, why not" marks. Even though I missed some things I really hoped I wouldn't-- didn't touch Spanish all month aside from joking with a customer one day, for example-- I'm quite pleased! Still aiming for a blackout, though, of course. Maybe July will be the month for it.


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