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Man, I picked the wrong month to drop the Practice Knitting square from my bingo card. I did it because I've taken more to crochet and I felt like I was pushing myself unnecessarily into another craft which I have less immediate interest in. I figured, y'know, may as well stick to crochet projects and maybe dip into knitting for the Do a Craft square, if I found something that caught my interest.

That was before I decided I wanted to do a Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. No, actually-- that was before I decided I wanted to do a reversible Gen 1 Pokémon throw pillow and blanket set. If not for the desire to do it as reversible-- that is, in this case, to portray the usual colors on one side and the shiny colors on the other-- I would still be going ahead with doing it in crochet. But while it's possible to do something like that in crochet, it is both a royal pain and doesn't create quite near enough to a flipped image. Double knitting, on the other hand, is tedious and time-consuming but turns out a much cleaner and more aligned final product.

While I'm not going to be beginning this specific project anytime terribly soon-- it's gonna take a bunch of different colors I haven't got, to begin with-- I have pulled out a pair of my needles to work on my skills. I was just about to cheerfully mark the square on my card when I remembered that the square in question wasn't there. Ah, well.


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