Jan. 16th, 2017

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I saw the headline "Cubs Visit White House" and I swear I felt my heart shatter. My baseball team welcoming Trump into office? After the joy they'd brought me by breaking their curse last year? I had a tab opened to change my default icon (which I've been meaning to do anyway, tbh) before I'd even pulled the article up.

Only then once the article was pulled up, I saw that they'd actually paid a last-minute visit to the Obamas. Cue the reconstruction of my shattered heart. Baseball teams don't usually visit the White House at this time of year, but I guess President Obama moved up their slot so that they would visit before he left. I was a little surprised since he's South Side (*spits*), but it turns out that Michelle backs the correct Chicago baseball team, which I suppose explains it, haha! Anyway, I guess I'll be holding onto this default for just a little while longer, as an expression of my relief.

Current theory on the Cubs' historic World Series win: The universe tied itself in knots to give them the chance to visit Michelle in the White House. No wonder the game went on for so long.


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